Hiding in the sand

I have an answer for TAIJI
For the poacher men who get into the sea
Lets go and find some BOBBIT WORMS
Its the monster that bites and squirms
Lives in the sea bed and pokes its snout
Out to feed
And without a doubt

Is the stuff of nightmares
Thats for sure
Just get near it
And its a war
Its a sandstriker
So some say
Get near to it
And you are going to pay

With a twelve foot suction pipe below
You are sucked and crushed
Into a flow
Of gruesome body parts
Crushed to gore
It has no eyes
And no brains
Its core

Is a bit, like TAIJI poachers
will enjoy the game
And what does ensue
A gift from NEPTUNE
From the deep
Once seen at night
And No one darescsleep

Huge mandibles
Boney and strong
Ever so fast
A chasm of song
Chaotic creation
Born of the sea
A wonderful creation
For the men of taiji

They just need to step
And the beast will strike
Its worse than falling off your bike
Or catching your turnups in your chain
And its done by a creature that has no brain,

If we can arrange for a lot to be
Transferred across to the cove TAIJI
Don’t tell the japanese just wait
Let the frogmen be the bait
Something we can look forward too
On live feeds as the taiji crew

As the dolphins swim away
The poachers bleed out so to say
We are feeding the bobbit worm
Who crunches on bones and tends to squirm

This could be the answer here
Fill those bastards with abject fear
Make them want to Sling their hook
Leave taiji and never look

Back not ever not again
Remembering the extent of the pain

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