“HAppy heart” or SOOK JAI

Equivalent to 370 years
Hard labour imagine that pain
Torn from the forest
Given phajan
Such severity and such disdain

A matriarch in the true sense of words
Caught up in the rigour and strife
Such persecution and pitilessness
And to have this for most of one’s life

Adversity comes to the victims
A continual struggle to be
Facing the wretchedness all of those trials
A bitter pill of misery

70 real years she took human chains
That cut into her legs and she
Felt in her heart she was broken in two
Lost in such despondency

First she went begging for ages
In those busy streets of before
Vehicles all sorts of carts this and that way
Noise dust and concrete galore

How her poor feet suffered sadly
Her legs all chained up very sore
Day after day made to stand in the street
Till her feet all got terribly raw

Then with all of those sores
And her great weight forced to walk
Back where she stayed
Then back the next morning
A calamitous dawning
Until she was very afraid

After those years she was sent off
To work in the forest where she
Ripped out her guts and tore up her muscles
Logging the timber she be

Inflicted with injuries clearly
Aching from her head to her toes
Such a hostile job that clearly does rob
One’s life force as anyone knows

How she struggled with all of that slaving
Those chains and those logs and her feet
Day after day on the slippery slopes
In all of that terribke heat

And nobody caring or giving her
Food and a rest for a while
She had to slave in the jungles of hell
Dragging great heavy logs for a mile

Her body was scarred from the top to the bottom
From old injuries and the whip
The bull hook she had really suffered so much
Then one fine day went on a trip

A sanctuary place and she managed
With Joan Baez help to be free
Blind and her hearing now failing
Trucked to the place she was free

LEk Chailert once again saved her
This women has given so much
This wonderful old soul all of these years
Must have thought no one could touch

Her heart or her soul with such kindness
How would they know she was here
Taking a right nasty bashing
From the men who had not held her dear

But she was saved and soon on her way
On a truck to the sanctaury where
She would be staying for the rest of her life
With so many sweet souls to care

She had lacked love and attention
And now as they moved her we saw
Great streams of tears from her poor blinded eyes
Heart wrenching who could ignore

She knows where the mud pit is actually
And goes down their everyday
She cant see thing she lives with the night
But despite that she does know the way

Her name happy heart is a good one
Though it just must have tested her resolve
She was a spirited warrior soul
Whobclearly now did evolve

She knows how to scratch on her big wooden bar
That freedom to do and to be
What she was given her pure life for
All those aeons ago actually

2 comments on ““HAppy heart” or SOOK JAI

  1. Sara Lordonsuperb on said:

    Touched me! Thank you REX much apreciated

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thanks Sara jts a very sad story for that poor soul but so happy that the lady rescued her and she is unchained and free to be herself blind and deaf but with memories i hope she fares well

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