Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there
And signs Away
Treaty land
Yes they can pay

BISMARCK took objection to
The routing lines
So what they did do

Was took it closer
To the reservation
The sioux wont mind
Its near their station

The elation of a long black snake
Thats inclined to shatter
Thats inclined to break

To flood the land
With crude black ooze
But Its not what the indigenous
People did choose

But who cares about
the indigenous who?
Own the land
and the artifacts too

They stand in prayer
with sweat lodges they
Are attacked by stooges
Who make them pay

Mercenaries tanks elrads and more
NORTH DAKOTA went to war

Water cannons bean bag rounds
Rubber bullets
Losts and founds

No respect for elders who
Were bundled over
Its what you do

Hit them where
it really hurts
Come at them in fits and spurts
Block the bridge with razor wire
When the weather gets real dire

NORTH DAKotA robo cops
Dressed to kill
Pulls out the stops

Promises to leave the hill
And stays there
And they are there still

The big black snake
Writhes and spews
Its fracked out crude
This isnt news

Energy access partners they
When the shit hits the fan
Will be far away

They can buy their water
From NESTLe too
Corporate orofits
Its what we do

Eminent domain
Thats the way
For the poor to rot
And ofcourse to pay

Whilst the rich will earn
The CEO’s
Who spurn us
with the avid prose

The indigenous people
The treaties they
Were given historically
Are taken away

Their children stolen
And given to others
Active traditional brand new mothers

THIS is America
Where everythings free
Thats of course if you happen to be

The oil pipe wallers
From kingdom come
With the fracking chemicalx
In their drum

Water is life
When the black snake bursts
Thats when we all pay

So its under the river
And away we go
All that crude
We all love so
When there is a break
Millions will cry
And like FLINT
Some government arse
Will lie

Oversight yea frustration
Will rise
The congress
Redacted before our eyes
More private servers
Secrets adrift
There was no intent
Just a corporate gift

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