The forest of angels

Behold the timeless forest
Great drama we may see
The players clad in their own skins
Coming out to be
Themselves among the sentinels
The dancing spirits who
Shake their leaves like tambourines
To the beat thats often true

There stand the graceful ladies
Their silvery bark appealing
They often dance in the chorus line
Their autumn leaves revealing
A golden flash of yellow
A soiree in the sun
Dappled alongside jack frost
Whose stippling can stun

The animals are present
The audience the wise
Watching from the shadows
With their bright and wise young eyes
With MRS May now laying down the law
And may repeal
The law against hunting the fox
Which does niw seem quite real

The badgers too are feeling it
Diwntridden everywhere
Murdered by the sicko farmers
Boosting their despair
Accusations flying if causing the TB
In cattle all this prattle
Startles constantly

The wild folk seek some settlement
It really isnt fair
The lives are harsh by all accounts
Each soul is aware
They do not need the meat trade
To register their lies
Really its all back to front
Where innocence now dies

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