An appeal from one dolphin

I am just one dolphin
And the absurdity
And ineptitude of
Driving all of us
My family tree
Into the cove at TAIJI
Slaughtering a few
Driving some babies back to where they came from
Yes its true

Without their precious mothers
They are just shark bAit
The trophy hunters know this
They know thats their fate
And I have been now chosen
For a training orogramme I
Have seen my mother slaughtered too
And watched my family die

I am left to think aloud
What human beings do
How they feel about it all
And whether they are paid to do
Is it that they are ignorant
Or unconscious of it all
Or is it just that they do not care
And it pays their bills
And if you
Fall into that category
That you mostly do not care
Then how the hell do you sleep at night
And are your kids aware

And if they are do they question
What it is you do
Remember I was wild you killed my mother
All thats true
And now I am in slavery
Paid to be sent away
Acter being taught some tricks
And wherever I must stay

It could be in some bath tub
Fed on dead fish somewhere
It could be stuck in SEA World
The theme park of despair
I am to be a cash cow
In a great dead hole
A chlorinated cesspool
And thats to be my role

How insentient you japanese are
Really emotionally
Here I am all by myself
Wishing I was free
I am lost its heart felt
Wondering about your race
And you make the decisions
And where you can show your face

Afterwards, you brutalise your culture
Your intent
You are wiping out our families
Is your money well spent
And we are full of mercury
And of PCB’s
Glyphosate aNd radiation
And the DDT’s
and other nasty pesticides
And fire detardents too
And our flesh you feed to your children
Compared to us well you

Are clearly on a lower rung
Of sentienceness for we
Could never leave our children
Eating toxins actually

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