Monthly Archives: December 2016


Emotional What makes me so emotional Its so easy to cry For tears to fall My olfactory Creation has become A damnation Its now very embarrassing for all I can smell stuff on fhe telephone And smell stuff on TV … Continue reading

The forest of angels

Behold the timeless forest Great drama we may see The players clad in their own skins Coming out to be Themselves among the sentinels The dancing spirits who Shake their leaves like tambourines To the beat thats often true There … Continue reading

Beside the river

Being blind has never stopped us seeing For though my eyes see darkness In my mind is so much light It floods into my consciousness And my imagination Honestly it now is at its height Beside the river I can … Continue reading

Thoughts of a tethered owl in a Japanese retail store

Walking on two legs With two soft downy wings to fly Into what is freedom The vastness of the sky At once with a philosophy A consciousness A need Unlike the Japanese retailer Who just wants to feed His profit … Continue reading

A Ritual drama

Let the forest make our ring Sentinels of time that bring An ebullience home to passers by The impressionable the romantics Why? Do robed souls find the need to go Into the forest, I dont know Rituals on a winters … Continue reading

My father

that coat was thick and heavy He oiled it, I recall And it was always on the brass hook Hanging in the hall He wore it in the forest Which he took me to each day One particular spot he … Continue reading

Love knows no bounds

A bleak and frosty Railway track A bitch and a dog in pain The bitch is clearly injured And can’t move And its insane By anybody’s standard But her friend he stays there too To comfort her And to love … Continue reading

Research painted on whaling ships

The Japanese push science Painting research on their ships And harpooning the precious whales On their living trips Through the Southern Ocean Where Australia should be Putting in an appearence But its not something we see At the IWC they … Continue reading

Take us home

The ocean is a graveyard Where resentment and detestation Follow us and smother us Whatever the location Just a soup of agony Besetting all we see And we get no warnings To a virulent degree We suffer how we suffer … Continue reading


A graceful BEECH In silence stands Frost decked branches No demands From wind today It all is still Its majesty is Now to thrill Stalwart in a ripe repose Taken for granted Though it chose To offer oxygen Everyday And … Continue reading