Susan a nonsense ode for your birthday

In a copse beside a sparkling stream
There lived a lass I know
A dryad arboretum whose tendrils
They did grow
Greener than the greenest tendrils
That ever there could be
In those sylvan groves she made her home
And all could see

Her heart was very tender her thoughts
Were always good
They called her inspiration
Which of course they should
Because she had an aura as big now as the sky
And could swim and dance and perchance
She could also fly

In the stillness of a morning
This light giver just might be
Up there in the boughs of what was
Perhaps the highest tree
In that emerald paradise
She would pass her time away
Weaving gold and silver fronds
To pass the time and to pay

For all the glorious thoughts
Her subjects gave to her each day
And often she was invisible too
What could anyone say
No wonder she is happy
No wonder she has joy
She is the dryad princess
That we all want to employ

For she is multi talented
Nothing she cant do
And very intellectual
And she’s good and true
I only met her once I think
But know her and I say
When you have met the princess
She will just blow you away

from me
And all the pals

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