Wild India

The sounds
The beloved music
The colours
And the peace
The interplay of bird and beast
And the rucking
And the play
The tabla working overtime
The wild dogs foraging
Adaptable and lively
To India they bring

An air of true excitement
And a constancy abroad
Camouflaged so rapidly
The red earth their reward
Clearing up the carrion
Their green eyes
Behold the great bansari
And the bold black bear
With his parents in the bamboo forest
Of the green
Indian peafowl
Showing off their wondrous
Veil and sheen
The birds and of course the monkeys
Cloaked in splendour they
Brighten up the forests
In their multi clad display

The deer are always curious
On the look out for
The Gaur is at the water edge
Tail wagging as before
A friendly bird is on his back
Getting a free ride
And looking for some breakfast
In his thick old hide

The tiger so majestic
Resting on the ground
I love that voice now accompanying
His wisdom He is bound
Lithe and powerful
Bearer of light great Tiger You
Also need the water
Which all living souls now do

Handsome such awareness
Of monkeys in the trees
Tasting all that Crimson fruit
The leopard he’s at ease
His stealth and his ability
Really to almost be
Invisible he melts away
Observing constantly

Behold the Silent warrior
Lost in the dry grass
The savage beast within him
Clearly he first class
The tiger such an avid draw
The need is always there
To protect this handsome devil
And let him always share

The forest the great habitat
Wild India we see
And hear and smell the wildness
Every single tree
Capable of sustaining
Life in all its form
The backdrop brings
Great Comfort in the shade
Where it stays warm
And where the heart and mind
Can come and soak up much
Its where beloved India
Proves she’s so in touch


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