Standing shock

What has happened to the protectors
Of the water
For them all
Thrown in jail
With increased bail
That’s the one and all

Pepper sprayed
Pulled from a sweat lodge
Praying charged of course
With RIOT thats the sentence
And everything done by force

These were peaceful citizens
Standing for the right
Violated horribly
Really at the height

Of laying the black snake
In Indian treaty land
Without their consultation
Which no one will understand

It isn’t private land
And it don’t belong
To energy transfer partners
If they think that
They are wrong

The protectors they said no to this
And No you know means NO
This pipe should be rerouted
So somewhere else it should go

Better still pull it up and stop
The great big lay
Who needs fracking oil around
When water is the way

Water is the life force
Water is the way
Any more spill ages around this river
And we all will have had our day

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