It seems a drunken orgy
Turned into some sad
Two men slept near a liquor store
In downtown Hyderabad
A pregnant dog just happened by
and was throttled you may wonder why
They then raped the dead carcass
Both of them apparently
Murderers and rapists
Charged with insanity

Apparently sent to hospital
The man from Delhi who
Was caught in fact in the act
And confirmed it true
What vile insults walk the streets
With malevolent intent
Both said they were sexually starved
And that is why they went

To that place and that animal
That poor soul pregnant too
Raped by these vile iniquitous louts
Guilty through and through
Carried out the unspeakable
Sadists horrors they
sadistically raped a pregnant bitch
As her dead body lay

Clearly they were not human
Nor animal and they
Will find Anubis waiting for them
And will pounce on them one day
And that will be the end of them
For Anubis will not sleep
Until they are bitten to pieces
And left where the maggots creep

There will never be an atonement
For the darkest vilest despair
A cloud so wretched and so horrific
It is waiting there
Nobody who saw this will ever now forget
And whoever lost this animal
This one time loving pet

We must hope does not know this story
And how this soul did die
Throttled by the greasy hands
Of monsters really why
They were sex starved they were
Raving frothing at the bit
If I had had a rifle
they would have been hit

Between the legs and then the eyes
A punishment no doubt
But where such evil does exit
We have to root it out

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