We have no clue how to manage our oceans

Reality looks out across the vast plain
Of the sea
It’s great depth and of course into it’s amazing constancy
Or so we thought its inhabitants
All shapes and sizes they
In every nook and cranny
Every single day

Occupy the coral reefs
The sandy bottoms too
Some live on the surface
But all know what to do

The massive and the tiny
Swift moving and the slow
Some move about as shellfish
They find somewhere and grow
Some request the darkness
Others scuttle here and there
On rocks and under rocks
They share

Outward looking as extroverts
Massive Ray’s, so big it hurts
To see them flying On full wing
With all the power that that can bring
Projecting their serenity
A circumstance that comes for free
Shoals of colour synchronised
Phosphoresce yes be surprised
The gifts of light these souls possess
The intensity vivid no less

MArlin and Shark and Swordfish too
Caught in seine nets that some do
Leave in oceans baited death
Where even sea birds loss of breath
Where turtles tangle By design
And Dolphins who may come to dine
We are taking advantage of all creation
When really we have no relation

To what is produced and what is caught
And whether or not we gave it thought

Take Cod in Newfoundland it’s all gone
Every last fish that lived upon
Those banks and flourished what did we do
We over fished which of course was true
We didn’t think we didn’t care
Just expecting cod to always be there
We got all stroppy when we fished them out
It was our business there was no doubt

But fish in oceans are not so we
Can eat and eat that’s not why they be
Created those miracles of design
That all serve a purpose down the line
Fish stocks are declining everywhere
For industrial shipping breeds it’s despair
The EU boats use huge great nets
But nobody hedges their bets

They are really arrogant thicko’s who
Need a rocket up their arse or two

CHina was lying through its face
On the number caught guessed no real trace
NO actual figures they just lied
Till they were cornered but they still denied
Their catch sizes every year
Till science proved what was now clear
At this rate oceans would all die
Industrial fishing was on a high

It’s murdered so many and killed yet more
And went against the natural law

There is no escape from the nets they use
Really and honestly we abuse
NAture taking all that’s there
Even the babies yes we dare

To steal from the mouths of the locals who
Starve or just leave because of you
Turning your head not caring a bit
Ordering more fish you need to quit
There are much less fish in the sea
And the ocean is dying rapidly

It Becomes acidic with every day
The shellfish dissolving they you see pay
Someone has got to and that’s what we see
Jelly fish armies where the cod used to be

We encircle the globe With hook after hook
So all of these so called chefs can cook
Blue fin it’s endangered but still we see
It printed on menu’s unfortunately

Is it still ignorance or corporate sin
Arrogant boardrooms thinking to win
Custom from one group again and again
We witness the agony and all the pain

Algae and plankton is everywhere
And so many worms apparently share
The spaces where fish would Normally play
But we have now eaten them and more everyday

The water is declining it’s quality poor
Fish populations are dying for sure
The MSC fishing has got to be
Worshipped by managers who look to the sea

For supplies that’s a fact it must be the case
Walmart and Birds EYE have had to face
Changing their thoughts wild against farmed
For the farmed fish are truthfully now being harmed

And that affects wild fish that we can see
7 million tonnes we return to the sea
As waste diabolical we have become
And it’s those foreign boats that try to act dumb

Shrimps are exploding the lobster is too
But rays they are dying
Their place in the blue
Being taken by jellies
Those cute UFO’s
That pulsate too and fro
Which the light force now shows

Farmed fish is wasteful
A pollutive style
Grinding up wild fish
To reconcile
The quantities needed
So the fish here can be
Using aquaculture
Which really is key

5 kilos of anchovies
Make I kilo here
Of salmon that’s madness
And leads onto fear
Fear of statistics
Fear of the pot
Fear of the consumers
Who don’t like them a lot

The oceans are dying and we are at fault
It’s nothing to do with the sky or the salt
It’s us we are useless caring for the sea
For we lack understanding of how it should be
The feral release every soul has its place
There but the grace of the goddess does trace
Footsteps to heaven and back home again
wonderful meaning and it wasn’t in vain

Subsidies encourage fishing to the extreme
We hate the migration
It’s now not a dream
Taiji and the Faroes
Explicitly they
are out to kill Dolphins and
More every day

They make their excuses
They talk out of their arse
There is no depletion
All that’s a great farce

But in point of fact they are fools
Of course
They don’t have a clue about what is at source
They look into the sea
And see fish and believe
Those fish are there’s
That’s how they achieve

But arrogance really is what it’s about
Depletion is out there
There is now no doubt
And it’s beyond recovery
That’s what we know
All this over fishing
With little to show

We see over fishing day in and day out
It’s all the big corporates In With their shout
They don’t listen to science
They employ in their pay
Science to say what they want them to say

Statistics are numbers consigned to the bin
As the scarcity grows
And the catches wear thin
It’s the big boys who fish stocks
And the small boys who cry
It’s the bullies who are eating
As more fish now die

In 50 years the six oceans will be
Dead not a fish swimming in them and we
Well I will be long gone forgotten
For sure
But the EU and others will then be at war
Stealing the stocks from wherever they can
All of them bastards with their own plan
Bloody great farms polluting us all
And the rest of the fisheries gone to the wall

The eugenics kicking in illuminati
Wielding their big sticks
They are bound to be hearty
With half of the people on earth shot Way
And the other half dying on any given day
This is the future of man un kind
Who is rich maybe so but bloody well blind
To the value of people of souls and of me
The poet who writes it down eventually

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