They came without a passport or a parent

So what’s happened to the children
Since arriving on our shores
Unaccompanied little souls
That the Tory mob ignores
our authorities have no idea
Where the vulnerable have gone
Theresa May the Rothschild babe
Has failed them it appears
They are somewhere in the system
appealing with their tears

Coming from those war torn holes
And unaccounted for
The paedophiles may have got to them
Though nobody seems sure
The border staff are suppose to
Do something I suppose
But apparently if they go missing
SGt Twinkle toes
Is not about to find them
With the austerity cuts abroad
Other people’s children
It seems we can’t afford

Refugees all broken souls
As weary as can be
They found a haven in this place
But are lost if you ask me
The European message
Is the open border YES
Come here without passports
And you will be given less
Help and real assistance
In anything you do
The traffickers are prudent
They will look after you
There appears to be a market
For such children on the net
360 are missing
And no one’s made to sweat

There someone else’s children
Lost now that’s for sure
Some have been lost for five years
Others lost for four
That seems wilful behaviour
We create these wars abroad
And when the children’s parents die
Then we can’t afford
To help them to assist them
To brighten up their way
That’s the sadness I will feel
Until my dying day

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