Where is the divine justice
With Creation as a whole
When placement was made in colder climes
Fur bearing took a role
To safeguard against trauma
And an insulation for
The recipients true body
So as to protect our core

Clearly true devoutness
Was the honourable refrain
The blasphemer the curser
The sinner and the insane
Not taken into being
Clearly someone erred
And the fur bearing animals
Were made the targets in one word

Of fashion and of staying warm
Through the illicitness of life
Infringing the creative laws
And perpetuating strife
And so all of those Angels
Thrown into the colder place
The fur tO be their protection
Would see abuse and such disgrace

MIko was a wild fox his fur was snowy white
With all his expectations
And His divine

To be a creative warrior
A predator of sorts
Able to withstand the wind
With all his varied thoughts
He knew his responsibility
The coat he wore was warm
It mattered not however cold it was
Or even a storm

His wilderness was heaven
His normality his eye
Till a trapper took his freedom
Away and he did lie
Waiting for his henchman
To take his soul and run
He was captured and put in a cage
Clearly his day was done

MIKO knew the consequences
Of being locked away
The spiteful had took over
He would be made to pay
And the price was high and awful
He knew his death would be
just around the corner
And he would never again be free

It happened he was fortunate
An Earth angel came by
And rescued him and took him off
To somewhere he could fly
Not literally he once again
Be free to do his thing
Interact with the persons dogs
And really try to bring

Some semblance to his uncertainty
That he had got a way
From what was certain to be his death
On any given day
He had heard the squeals of others
He had felt their agony
He knew the dreaded poker up the anus
Was to be

So now he was again living not wild
But still alive
Shocked out of his senses
But wanting to survive
So playing with his Husky friend
And talking to the mice
The birds that come around to chat
His new life was nice

And the human that he was living with
Was soft spoken and kind
She clearly really loved him
Which kind of blew his mind
His pink nose and his blue eyes
Were a joyful sight to see
He knew he was very handsome
And though not completely free

Was at least looked after
Fed and cleaned and felt
Where he lived they loved him
So good cards had been dealt
But then one day the sky fell in
When some raider man did come
Thrust him in an old jute sack
And used him like a drum

Beat him against a wall I think
Crushing his bones to dust
Bleeding inside this smelly sack
Clearly he was just
In a murderous battle
He felt his life flow
Out of him inside that sack
And that he now couldn’t go

Anywhere bar for the rainbow bridge
Which now he could see
Although his eyes were full of blood
His soul was flying free
He left his blood stained body
To take his final flight
And landed on the rainbow bridge
On a day of blinding light

Fur and the trade around it
Is made up of vulgarity
Of unseemly news and the undignified
Awkward and lubberly
With a infamy abroad
Lots of hollow people
Who kill for their reward

Those always in the limelight
The gossip and the gall
Wearing cold clime victims
Who before them could walk tall
But now were lost forever
Slaughtered out of hand
So hags and fags could wear them
Though could never understand

The cruelty the debasement
The agony of thought
Their wildness stolen forcibly
In those vile traps had caught
Innocence and enlightenment
And forced it to be seen
Stripped of all that wonder
To become the new obscene

The impertinence of the industry
So offensive to us all
Lacking true humility
With our backs against the wall
We cried out to our maker
Why did he never see
That humans cretins that he created
Would also want to be

Wearing our fine skins of white
And possibly even more
And notwithstanding that regard
We could all be sure
Our death would It be thought about
By the wearers, so to say
Would we always be the victims
Quietly made to pay

So I am at the rainbow bridge
Where the butterflies do play
I chase them as I always did
And of course there is no way
I will ever catch them for they
Always fly away
Up into the sunshine their gleaming
Colours bright
None of the souls up here have fur
For we all exist in light

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