Luca / Hot springs to mind and the Elephants fleeing the fir

A spume of spray
The wind doth sway
And Propels they say
a fine array
Bursts forth to be
The mist we see
Floating into eternity

The suds of time
Such froth and rhyme
Mud pushes through and forms
Bubbles chuckling upwards
It’s in the sky that warms

Life in all its myriad beauty
It’s vitality and force
From the cradle of forgiveness
Really from the source

Erupting castles in the air
Bubbles shooting everywhere
Scalding scorching suffocating
Stifling seething saturating

With the pungency of now
A scent of sulphur tells me how
The mud that flips and flies away
To land upon a summers day

A linnet scoops And darts and sweeps
The earth’s at peace the linnet peeps
Into the soft lagoon of blue
And up into the sky to view

The melody the pop and grunt
In unison with back and front
A source of light for all to see
And a glimmer of infinity

First part of the electronic music sampler

Second part of Luca’s digital music

The thrash and kick
The thunderous gait
A herd of pachyderms
Their fate
It was just one spark
Sprung from the dark
And upon the sea of corn
did mark

Luminaries one by one
With a Great attraction for the sun
Fleeing from the grasping fire
That’s catching up
As the flames grow higher

Into the really watery space
Where the rushes grow all over the place
Squelching sound as the rushes dance
As the willow bends and offers a chance
For the elephant tribe to get away
To burst through the forests where some decay
Is catching alight upon the ground
With an altogether frightening sound

Trumpeting skywards fills the bill
Flattens out undergrowth Giving that shrill
Of real destruction
Existing on the tone of prayer
A brilliance and sublimity
It really means so much to me
The escaping pachyderms
Rejoice in them and come to terms

With all thats lovely
With all that’s great
Regaining spirit
Good and straight
A sunniness
A buoyant force
Its really from a wondrous source
With the fire behind them catching heels
The hearts a beating What it reveals
Safe and sound all of them they
Can be sure of living another day

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