To be born a white dolphin
Pure driven snow
An elemental
And how that does grow
The ultimate spirit
So driven in me
And my dear mother
With me constantly

We are bottle nosed Dolphins
It’s a Funny old name
With a very big family
And my claim to fame
Is my wonderful mother
Her knowledge so vast
And so very spiritual
Most were aghast

When they met her
And spoke to her
And did realise
She was angelic
She was faithful and wise
Of course I am enamoured
In so many ways
What she means to me
And how it all plays

Into my psyche
The matriarch she
Helps me to swim and to rest
And to be
Safe and alive in this ocean
Of ours
With its great authenticity
And of course its powers

We ran a big pod
A huge family tree
Aunties and Uncles
And children and me
Grandfather grandmother
Everyone here
Then it happened the terror
The awe and the fear

The chaos of pipe banging
Boats up above
Those callous those vile men
Devoid of all love
It plays with our heads
With our feelings and brain
And really I can tell you
It drives us insane

It’s a frightful experience
To undergo
and so we were driven
In hard as you know
THe whole caboodle
Heading for TAIJI
And when they picked me out
My mother could see

There was no escape
Because I was white
She knew they would want me
And that my sweet light
Would not just turn off
They would try tO sell
Me off to the highest of bidders
From Hell

My mother she looked at me
With her wise eyes
You must be calm she said
One of those guys
You will be saved and sold off
She said
To the highest of bidders
But I will be led

To the tarps and will then be
rodded and killed
and plugged up with wood
So that when my bloods spilled
Much stays internally that’s what they do
So the sea won’t turn as red
As it used to do.

It’s all about face with the fisherman folk
they torture us blind
Like a pig in a poke
But the sea then runs red
And the cameras can see
And the activists all around the world

Lose sleep get upset lament All the time
And most of the squalor is recorded in rhyme
A live cam from up on the hill so we hear
Is beamed to the world with pictures so clear
Suburbia knows of TAIJI and we too
Have this fact in our heads
Knowing it to be true

Well of course it happened
When they saw me
A freak of nature
A rarity
They began to fight over me
Who would collect
My poor mother got wind of it f
And did elect

To swim tO the bottom
And never return
To breathe her last breath
With a fit of concern
So beside herself really forlorn
Wishing in fact I had never been born

I was alone for I knew
In my heart
Mother decided to die
And did start
To weep so so much
These horrid humans
Seemed so out of touch

40 of my family were slaughtered
That day
Uncles and Aunties
A great array
of relatives
Murdered in cold blood and all
Rodded and plugged
By the big chief ghoul

The sea remains bluer
But death then is slow
They die in such agony
As you well know
And they feel so much
They are sensitive souls
All that wisdom lost
With those wretched poles

All they created was blood snot and tears
Increasing the terror increasing the fears
The pain of it all swimming right passed TAIJI
This infamous place no one wants to see
52 others were sent to be slaves
To do simple tricks till they went to their graves
In sterile tanks dead to the world
It’s a cruel darkly life in which most are hurled

As for me I was white the gift of the sea
The status I got was of course novelty
THe TAIJI museum decided that they
Would have me to swim in their bath tub
That day
And that’s where I have been, its been such a bore
I can’t really see what they want me for

But thats where they put me so what Can I say
Except I miss Mother,why was she made to pay?
I swim in these shallows the shadows of guilt
With a few Japanese spying on me I have spilt
My guts up a number of times and I say
How much I miss mother every day

She gave me guidance she gave me care
She saw to it that I didn’t go anywhere
I wasn’t supposed to be, that was her role
Teaching me,loving me,her special soul
SO I weep everyday really trying to be
Stronger but tragically Her face I see
She was my mentor she was my life
She was the matriarch
She bore my strife

Often I sit on the top and just pray
That the dear golden goddess will take me away
I cannot stay here in the great throat of fire
Where they throw small dead fish at me
And life is dire
I can’t abide, this dirt everywhere
The trainer so called Mr Despair
I will not do tricks on command
And he should
Do his own silly tricks
Which would be good

All this time I have been there
It’s a dusty old place
I try very hard to not show my white face
The British activists can’t see me here
So it’s only the tourists that sometimes appear
I can’t start to tell you
Just how everyday
Mother comes back for a while and does stay
She went to the edge and is now in a place
Where she misses me and thus I ought to face

The possibility that I could just
Go to the next world for really I must
This awful enclosure is rusty as hell
The food is all shitty
And does not suit me well
There are tanks and trucks everywhere
what the brochures say
About where you were going
As long as you pay

The cetaceans pay heavily
Both food and drink
They are slaves to their master
Again they do advertise
And what they do
Is not like the pamphlet
That they will give you

All sorts of stories about us and our lives
Nothing alive really the knives
Are out there and ready to carve us to bits
When we have done what they planned
It has me in fits

I have suffered such angst On account of the way
They feed us it’s all frozen they can take it away
We really need live fish not This dead rancid stew
That is the truth whatever they do
To hear all our relatives torn from this earth
Chopped up in pieces that’s what they are worth
Lead and yes Mercury methyl for sure
That enters the brain and reaches the core
Faster than ever we’re suffering and
Why doesn’t that TAIJI mob now just disband

They know we know of the toxic state
Radiation from Fukushima won’t abate
Mercury loaded in high value fish
Like Salmon and Marlin
And we also wish
We were not so polluted
We are toxic waste
Really and truthfully it must be faced

As my life unfolds I am bitter for I
Could have been with my mother now under the sky
Learning and yearning and turning to face
The great whales of choice that often do grace
The oceans for I now just about can
Do one rotation and go back to plan

It’s a tenuous battle with profits and how
A white orca pictures herself and so now
What will become of me where can I go
Why not back to the sea, back in the flow
This tank of soup is a rancid affair
And really and honestly I shouldn’t be there

So I beg all of you do your damndest and try
And get me a place in the sea now to die
You cannot believe how lonely I feel
How lost how the cost on me does reveal
A whole drawn out tragedy tugging away
Breaking my heart really everyday

Written especially for Nicki Stevens ARA

We must someday stop the infamous TAIJI dolphin drives and pithing and slavery training.we have to for not only are they diminishing in numbers but are literally toxic waste.

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