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3 witches

Shaded never faded eyes Aided such I realise Anastasiia Dasha Galina Beautiful boughs All the more greener Flowers in awe Petals too A basket of them Fresh and new Seated high on a great limb Out their really on a … Continue reading

Spike Thompson

Spike Thompson he has left me Nineteen pounds of joy My delightful one and only Lovely ginger boy 16 years of happiness With a lady we all know And now he’s at the rainbow bridge Where the crystal waters flow … Continue reading

The only white giraffe in the world

It’s her ermine blush It’s just that rush Of blood within my soul It’s her tapestry The light that be It’s under control That uniqueness she displays Bared and so unphased Accepted by the herd Who doesn’t say a word … Continue reading

Naïveté is never a strong point

How naive men are With their diets poor Rather than eat well They want to score They like to imagine They are kings in bed When reality kicks in More of them are dead From the waist down Almost to … Continue reading

Soul sisters an animal story

A memory of freedom Is a seed in the Loam When shackled and locked up Far from ones home Lost in maelstrom Of darkness and glare Bull hooked and screamed at By those unaware They are not mindful They know … Continue reading

All’s well that ends well a doggie story

The fear it sucks ones breath away What is it you can do The dog is down the deepest well His cries are reaching through Actually your marrow So much on edge are you Listen to the lamentation Which is … Continue reading

DNPW Zambia

Hunting is a vile disease Attracting such vulgarity A tastelessness so undignified Made up of true impropriety A hideousness beyond belief A repulsiveness creating grief An odious loathsome ravaged crowd Who live within their squalid shroud And Zambia is unaware … Continue reading


A metaphor for the cyclic state Of birth death and rebirth John Barleycorn whose avid joy A grain with so much worth With rose coloured and gold lashes On the Andes you should see A grass grown in that windswept … Continue reading

The Keres

Fanged and taloned beckoning she Her bloody garments hanging free Spirits of the violent death On battlefields don’t hold your breath Ripping souls from those men who Took flight to death And thus did woo Were torn apart by bloody … Continue reading


A black bear and it’s babies And some shooter asks CAn I shoot the lot of them In the limelight he basks A female and 4 cubs down Drowning in their blood And, the great white hunter Is face down … Continue reading

Family. And the elephant baby story

Our greatest strength is the unit We call family Society has devided many and we Find ourselves like lost souls In a jungle of desire Up against the slippery slopes And the muddy pools so dire Our youths splash in … Continue reading

Nose horn

An odd toed ungulate which we happen to see Is as ancient as anything living can be Large megafauna and heavy as hell Thick collagen skin that protects them real well No teeth to speak Of only big lips But … Continue reading

Baby love

Such fear and complete consternation A mortal in fear of its life A one year old soul Who is not in control Impaled on the end of each knife Self distrust shyness and despairing Petrified honestly so Condemned by those … Continue reading

Lies in plain sight

Who are they These monsters that sit in the sky With a payload of crap To let go why oh why What kind of pilot Could actually spray All sorts of shit In the sky every day What goes up … Continue reading

They ran with the wolves

They ran with the wolves In the wildest terrain The wilderness beckoned They were never a drain On the ways of their mother Who ruled far and wide They were the indigenous Deep down inside The women would nurture The … Continue reading

Channelled via the BADGERS

The set of our horror tale Comes from the wild From the counties of England All so called self styled Places of honour Of privilege for The wild folk who live and abound In the raw In the damp Demostration … Continue reading

Who knows who we might meet

Who knows who we might meet On a cool Autumn day In the woods in the quiet Where no mortal ray Can reach where the animals Quietly come eat Where hunters may be Awaitingtheir treat Watching the innocent Wild folk … Continue reading

The IUCN how could you

What the hell is going on How on earth could you Accept A load of trophy hunters Trophy hunters do Kill for so called sport They pay the piper and that’s who Members of the Safari Club They come on … Continue reading

Wild animal services the Terminators

In the year 2015 75326 Coyotes were killed 12186 Prairie Dogs 973 rEd tailed Hawks 3700 foxes 419 black bears 528 River Otters 3 bald or golden eagles All these wild victims killed for no other reason than being wild … Continue reading

Another look at Circus

HOw was it we were ever Taken in by circus Wild animals in trailers Transported town to town Made to climb up steps in rings And when they fall perhaps That brings Circus into disrepute As well it should For … Continue reading

ELephant Leather

it really is a sick world we inhabit At this time The skin of many animals Thought to be divine By some who want their custom cars Bags and belts and shoes And they choose the distressed durable leathers Here … Continue reading

The EU commission why I ask?

Glyphosate a chemical herbicide to boot A substance that could have been banned But apparently it didn’t suit The unelected commission In the great EU Who decided we should have some more And made Monsanto’s dreams come true Another 18 … Continue reading


Where is the joy Yesterday I Lived to the full I on a high In the old city Where dreams came to be The spirit of yester year Came down on me Not far from the border No weirder sound … Continue reading

Child hunters

The recent spate of children killing animals 12 years old and younger even, they Got me wondering which came first The parents clear denial Or was it the gun makers who were way Out front in tooling up fhe smaller … Continue reading


He went into the toilet Clearly alone A man with a mission And a beautiful tone Just 42 years of age His whole entourage Were kind of Around him But his camouflage Was his truest addiction The downers he took … Continue reading

Guns or child hunters

The spate of children killing Made me ask myself now why Was it that they started this Was there weaponry to try I note designer hunting gear For ladies and now too Smaller guns and hunting bows Designed for children … Continue reading

Child killers

Not even a teenager Little or no Instinctive sentience Nothing to show A gullibility A jaundiced eye A parochial thought Not wondering why A child barely out of the cradle Tells me She wants to kill animals Those roaming free … Continue reading

Armelle Activist extraordinary

There is a warrior class That actions deeds and enacts ways Of placing pressure where it’s needed That now gets little praise They are action orientated Prepared to give their time To fighting for the voiceless And for the innocent … Continue reading

The vanishing Lions have all but vanished

My love affair with lions Has taken quite a hit this week The three online musketeers Slaughtered in a pique Of frustration over predation Poisoned and burned I heard So as to remove the evidence Of the crime that had … Continue reading

WHo is making a killing?

Driven grouse moors Its a hell of thing A lucrative sport Where the shooter is king It cuts across nature In so many ways But it’s arrogance really With proof that it pays Outside of our homes We have great … Continue reading