WIld Blackberries

Ebony bubbles hang off thorns
Plump and ready where silence warns
The unsuspecting pilferer who
Comes with his parched throat
Raring to chew
The scrambling berries the jewels of July
They ramble and clamber on stems so high
That cling to the brick flake
And move away
They muster and Cluster and dance and they
Very aggressive to others I’d say
Masses of green leaves soaking up light
The bramble a scramble
And here for a fight
Soon it be Lammas time the corn dolly comes
Watch out for fingers watch out for thumbs
His, horned thorny weaponry catches the skin
He does share his berries and his sweetness within
But we need to take care for his long grasping arms
Can become perilous along with his charms
And a tiny affliction can remind you a while
That to ramble with bramble you must show him some style.

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