The Ranger

A willingness and inclination
A gratuitous effort To please
The keen obligation and spirit
Unprompted is offered with ease
Resolve and a vigour to finish
A constancy that all can feel
He’s tenaciously there for the voiceless
And gives of himself with great zeal

It’s a dangerous task as a Ranger
Up against mercenaries who
Work in the shadows where shame and abuse
Does take a lot out of you
In pursuit of the big bucks awareness
Comes to the fore so to say
Many have died or been wounded
Patrolling the forests today

As virulence swings into action
Malignity hits the spot too
They come armed with weaponry right up to date
It’s a sinister world where a few

Suck up to criminal gangs and the like
Detestable soldiers of fate
They can just ambush you out in the bush
Where in many ways, you are just bait
No Princely ransom for any of you
Up against criminals actually who
Get a big cut for the risks are now high
More getting caught and some even die

The rangers are well trained and they know the score
A labour of love something they adore
They devote their heart thrust to protection and they
Can be Killed in the field now just any day
And there are several families who have seen victims fall
The resistance is great but so is the wall
Of poachers and canned hunters doing their thing
Fighting the fight and trying to bring
A new wave of killings onto the earth
Seizing the Moment and giving off worth

Knowing the animals that they protect
Working together trying to detect
The robber the bandit the low life those who
Are ready to fire and direct it at you
The Rangers stand up for the right to be sure
They take on the evil like never before
Enlivened and warm hearted men who proclaim
The need to protect as part of the same

Self reliant and fearless
Undaunted some say
Heroic in battle most every day
Dogged and determined to bring them to heel
The robbers and bandits who like to conceal
Notorious people worthy to be
Breathing the air that the Rangers breathe we
Must see the unsung the nameless the brave
Up against rogues with the heart of a knave

Full marks to the Rangers salute them I say
Saving the animals now night and day
Risking their lives and fighting like hell
The riff-raff are out there waiting to sell
The spoils on black markets the uncultured crew
In their own state of war now having to do
The bad and the ugly the hatred and pain
And praise them for their duty again and again

Dedicated to the Rangers where ever they dedicate themselves
To the voiceless

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