40,000 Bulls a year murdered

The arena gives light to the tragic event
No amnesty present an emptiness spent
A vile indignation an obsolete force
An annihilation direct from the source
For the good of the people
The BULL is ,the soul
A manifestation of Natures role
He is the sacrifice and he will be
The emblem of hope for the community

A child with great spirit and muscles as well
With so much potential under the spell
Of the so called Cuadrilla
The effeminate priest projecting their ire
On this valiant beast

They prance as if peacocks attracting a mate
The bull so aware of his ultimate fate
His chain of reasoning draws much concern
As he runs at the flag and on every turn
Is dismissed with a flagrancy intrusively too
This prig of a man who thinks he can do
Anything nothing can stop him for he
Is the great Matador who is sure who is free

An Insentient sod with less tween his ears
Deranged in such chaos drunk on the cheers
Of the motley mosaic the .paid members who
Want blood they want blood which is what he must do
They want inventiveness it’s the real thing
A great snorting bovine whose ready to bring
The house down around his ears in his final fling

It’s all mumbo jumbo traditional clap
It’s synchronised murder it’s just one big trap
The Bull will be slaughtered for prosperity
That’s the arrangement they all want to see
It’s skewed in the mans favour
The poor Bull has been
Worked over well it is really obscene

Prepared for this battle so called
Angered by
His horns being shaved and chilli rubbed
In each eye
He has a mightiness and eminence too
The spirit of greatness just burning through
Every cell of his body every muscle displayed
Trained up for this day and gon his head is laid

The spirit to fight the spirit to be
Surpassing all others the crowd might now see
Swords dirks and knives have already been stuck
He is bleeding profusely of course it does suck
There is nothing supreme here it’s evil all through
Unsophisticated and all this is true

A disconnectedness runs through the day
Not a thread of compassion they are taking away
Any respect there is no boundary
It’s being dismembered that’s all I can see
This is no fight no justification
How can one’s eyes watch this sick dislocation
It gnaws at one’s soul its claws at one’s spleen
The tears you can see them where have they been
Before coming here and witnessing this
Spain really is now taking the piss

The Bull is in turmoil convulsions we see
Bleeding out agony how can this
allowed in this day and age
Such disharmony
A mad house a shambles just iniquity
An unconscious spirit now dances and glows
Stabbing and stabbing and stabbing
He shows
us all how despicable a man can be
His imperfect knowledge and charlatanry

It’s the darkest morosis that spreads
Near and far
These crackpots want shooting
For truly they are
Not fit to be humans
And warriors no
They are conceited just maggots
Unreal in the show

There is really no meaning
It’s just a rigmarole
It’s all incoherent and
Lacks any soul
It has to be banned
For where insanity reigns
The outside worlds
Feel all the pains
All the dreadful emotion
The terror that builds
And each Bull that’s slaughtered
All that it yields
Is blood lust and evil
And Improbity
It’s all disingenuousness
Which I don’t want to see

The bull laying dying
They shove the knife in
And turn it the agony
Just feel that spin
That horror it’s eyes
Screaming out let me go
So we cut off the ears
And the tail all for show

The devil would puke
At the sight of this pain
The degeneration of the insane
The total transgression
Reprehensible stuff
As for SPAIN truly
Honestly I have seen enough!

2 comments on “40,000 Bulls a year murdered

  1. pam ward on said:

    your poetry is excellent. the only point that I would like to make is to its length, if your poems were shorter perhaps readers may remember the words easier and be able to quote them. I can feel the anger and the emotion that makes you write these, wish I was as good. Thank you

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