The times they are a changing (in the arctic

We are seeing changing fortunes
As sea ice melts much more
The supremely adapted to the frozen world
Are coming unstuck for sure
The Polar Bear for instance
Begins to catch his cold
The Killer Whales
now thats another story
One of old

The Arctic climes are melting
And its creatures suffering so
The Narwal and the Polar Bear
And the bow head whales, they know
That if this keep on keeping on
That the Orca may just be
The biggest thing since the dinosaur
And that in fact is key

The ice is what its all about
And if it melts too much
The polar bears has had his chips
He is kind of out of touch
If its free of ice in Summer
Then expect the Killer Whale
They are really on the ball
And actually will not fail

They are big social hunters
As the inuits will say
Quick to learn the ropes and turn
The advantages all their way
They are brilliant at remembering
And quicker to adapt
Whatever prey they are after
They kind of get them trapped

Whatever and where ever
They have it everywhere
There is nothing they cant sort out
You can just feel the despair
They have the second largest brain around

Putting two and two
Together and deal in pi’s
and squares
That is what they do
And all the while they are sharing
What ever they catch they share
This is how they prosper
Almost anywhere

Its all for one and one for all
That old adage is clear
What Sea world did to Orca’s set them back do you hear
Stopped them in their proverbial tracks
Delaying them for a while
But they had so much patience
And a great deal of style

If jumping through our hoops a bit and splashing all
The world
Killing a few trainers who found that they were
beside them on their journey
Dawn Brancheard and the rest
Don’t you blame it on her pigtails
They were and are the best

Narwhals and the great big seals
The bowhead whales maybe
Arctic char the orca’s star in the drama readily
They have an amazing talent
They are learning very fast
Whatever they are hunting is going to feel the blast

Coming you had best appreciate whats going on
No creature really anywhere can just say they are gone
They have to get to grips with them
Look and learn each day
Its all about ecology
And putting it away

There is nothing they won’t master
Victims are everywhere
Its always been a wonder how the humans
How they fair
Why they let the aquariums
And the sea parks get their way
When they could all leap skywards and crash down
On us anyway

The great food chain was changing
The whales come in from miles
They make a dramatic entrance
You can see now all those dials
Flickering every which way
Thats dramatic stuff
And everything they battle for
They get it despite how tough

How many tights are laddered
How many skirts are split
These orca boys are on the job
And of course are extra fit

They develop all the strategies
Salmon rays and more
The narwal and the grey whale
And mankind soon in the store
Techniques designed for bettering
The much larger prey around
The giant bow heads successful souls
Crystal clear I have found

The polar -Bears are frantic
They have no where to go
They can jump about the ice all day
But if theres nothing down below
And if they smash it through
With all their weight
And end up in the sea
Maybe they need a new habitat a new life
Yes maybe

Orca’s are good at hunting
Driving them to the shore narwhals
Don’t have a vast draught
And they are pretty sure
They have the where for all to be
Out there breathing air
Splashing their tails like crazy
And nobody can fair

They are not up to a ducking
In salty water cold
They are confident
But the chasers are very clearly bold
Lots of new inventions
Attributed so they
Can do their dirty every time
And look the other way

they search the seas in quiet mode
All that air and grace
You can feel their fortune
Its crucial to their Survival
And their extra pace

They plunge the depths for rays and skates
They hit the shallows too
They run the narwhal towards the coasts
This is what they do
They are social hunters
They got the rule book and they
Can make up any strategy
And then just swim away

And with all this sea ice melting
The Orca is the king
The polar bear is losing it
No longer does he sing
The blues or even opera
Now that the Orca’s are here
Ready to eat the orchestra
Any that come here

Through the great kelp gardens
The greenest sway around
2000 miles they cometh in 8 weeks
And they abound
the dominator shrieking
Blowing over you
Mixing with the rapid light
And diadems so true

Atlantic Cod is there by the grace of
For all to share

You can just hear those captive orca’s
In sea worlds tanks abroad
In the shallowest water that no one can afford
Fed on buckets of dead fish
Frozen still and bad
Being thrown at those in chains
With rake marks which are sad

And now we hear that Tilikum is not to be let out
He will die in the soup ponds
And thats without a doubt
A sacrifice they have made him
Morgan and Lolita too
One day the name of Sea World
Will echo good and true

Across the world of captives
Where blubber hangs and floats
Where tumultuous waves come hither
Making up the notes
As they swim under the radar
As they click and bumble on
Looking for another Dawn
To break into upon

The times they are a changing
Weather patterns too
The chem trails they are fucking up
The ocean currents do
Tear into the ports ahead
And burst the great kelp strands
The arctic seas are warming
Watch the orca’s and their plans

And do not catch another
Nor give it a human name
Sea world and joe Manby
You stick to your game
Is true times have been changing
The wild one’s challenge you
Never swim where there are Orca’s
For they have their eyes on YOU

And all their precious victims
Now labouring in your tanks
Still creaming off some profits
Satisfying banks
They are seen as sentinels
Till the time they turn on you
And watch your so called trainers
Whatever else you do

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