Predator mother

How can a mother kill a baby
How can a mother who knows
How can she wait in the forest
In her camouflage gear and just pose

With a bow on her back
And an arrow
To shoot through the heart of a soul
To threaten its destiny, its inescapable
With The twang of her bow she will control

She has carried an infant for many long months
Felt all its life force from inside
She has shared all that love
So she knows how it feels
It seemed to be a place to hide

But now in the forest her eye firmly aimed
At somebody else’s sweet child
A deer in a thicket and she’s got its ticket
The only difference here is its wild
With the power of almightiness waiting
Receptive and ready to run
A parent she has been a parent
And so when its all said and done

Now she is out in the forest
Her feminine instincts she feels
Her bow on her back
Can she attack
Her heart beating fast she reveals
Her arrow lets fly
And just one little cry
And it wings away into the dawn
And smacks through the skin and the muscle
And The blood of a dear little fawn

The mother is somewhere close, watching
The loss of her baby for she
Wanted so much that the arrow hit her
But of course sadly we all could see
It hit her baby who let out a cry
The first of its life as it knelt down to die

The mother beside herself couldn’t believe
That a female could aim to shoot to achieve
That really two mothers both knew the score
One lost her child and did ignore
The loss of a child which did seem to me
To be so hard to do and I just couldn’t see
The point of this killing
It just wasn’t right
That a mother would shoot down a baby in flight

For what just to do it that arrogant streak
But was it even arrogance it just did wreak
Havoc with my emotions that day
How a mother could do this such a hard way
Kitted up to the eyes with aggression and fear
A mother whose way was lost it was clear
The lot of the hunter so called is one
Of murdering animals and just for fun

To me it is sadness for children today
To take life and honestly throw it away
Without due respect for the wildness of all
And go back to their own child and collect them from school

The day in the life of a mum who we see
Gunned down a young Deer who wanted to be
With its mum in the forest to learn and to know
What life was about and hoped that she’d show

But death with his sickle came by as we saw
A baby fall down his heart at death’s door
To see female hunters assassinate souls
Drives me over the edge and away from my goals
It is my belief that this deterioration
Of the female species shows just no salvation
The beauty of life cut down in a way
By a mother who knows of another’s dismay

We are clearly passed our sell by dates
And women who kill have pushed us there faster than any of us might have hoped

2 comments on “Predator mother

  1. pam ward on said:

    Breaking my heart, beautiful soul searching poetry.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Dear Pam

    Thanks so much for coming to my blog and saying nice things
    I so appreciate them and its good you enjoyed the poem


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