Back in the year of my father
Asylums each country possessed
Existence and life they were brothers
A connection it has to be stressed
An affinity for one another
Though a contrariness in a way
They really resembled each other
Companions it seems we could say

Life had that power of authority
Existence his auxiliary
A serious state in his mental demands
Lost in his mind actually
life was so full on and ready
instinct nearer to the door
To him all of life was just steady
But existence was very unsure

As time went on life took to schooling
But instinct alas was held back
Mentally lost in a brain of confusion
It was just like some vile attack
Instinct was closed and not speaking
What he wanted to do
The family were lost in his utter confusion
WILLOW BROOK then they cam through

Pennsylvania where wasted humans
Were put and existence went there
The government took him Way from us, they
Opened our door to despair
This Palatial place where you had to
Give your kids up walk away
Why life was happy and existence was not
And really what came into play

It was easier just to say goodbye
Consign them to hell just like that
Vast numbers of patients and too few
They couldn’t know where they were at
Except to say it was hell hole
The whole place stank urine and poo
Instinct was just filed away with the others
And the screams and the mayhem was true

Slapped and abused unwashed and unfed
They were all so deranged going out of their head
It was filthy no cleaners they seldom could wash
And they smelled something awful sometimes they would slosh
A load of cold water all over their hair
So they shivered and shuddered they were aware
The staff though were passed it in so many ways
Faced with a mountain of everyone pays

Kennedy called it a snake pit of sorts
Parasites took control and bed bugs
Those nights
In ones skin fragments and old urine
The smell overpowering
As was the sign

Of terrible neglect all over the place
instinct could call on it it did appear
5000 patients with nothing to do
And 70′of them all used the same loo
Imagine the smell imagine the place
Nobody cleaned up
It was a disgrace
Pneumonia claimed quite a number of souls
They slipped from the radar and subsequent goals

Nowadays of course people at home people stay
Cared for by parents and support everyday
The mystery out there is why now we see
So much autism just why should that be
Yes vaccination they cone thick and fast
A cocktail of chemicals to make us pay
Whatever price they deemed was the one
Autism or worse the spectrum undone

They have been sharing the excipients free
Some really bad chemicals
Take that from me
Getting the doctors
To do dirty work
And collecting the money
A bit like a perk


2 comments on “Asylums

  1. Claudia on said:

    Good poem thanks Rex x

  2. This is a very sad piece of human history lives wasted and lost through negligence and ignorance. How tragic for those victims I must say that troubles me a lot . Thanks for coming to the blog though x

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