Its like standing on top of a precipice
And leaping into the sky
You do not know, where you will end up
But it could be you will die
That takes unbelievable courage
And self-reliance too
To put a bold face on it
And to hopefully get through

A fearlessness a dauntlessness
To undertake a fight
Unshaken and unshrinking
To hold onto the light
Despite the undoubted darkness
That envelops what you found
The stamina thats called for
And your contact on the ground

You will soon see who your enemies are
The fire eaters of old
The corporate world who stands to lose
The sabre rattling fold
So many will be after you
And when you are alone
Perhaps your head on your pillow
Then you will be shown

The fearful intimidation
The misgivings of those who
Purported once to be your friend
But remain clueless to
The suffering and the trepidation
That you are feeling now
Comfortless and desperate
And just wondering how

You climbed upon that precipice
And looking down you saw
Swirling mists of despondency
But still you did feel sure
The revelations when they came
Would help the wider world
The children and their parents
Who till then alas felt hurled

Into a stormy maelstrom
Their lives turned over by
The happenings those hopeless times
When perhaps they too could die
Defeated by the hopelessness
That surrounded them as they
Battled through the circumstance
Of why they had to pay

The likes of Andrew Wakefield
And William Thompson who
Were so embroiled in Autism
And vaccinations too
The misjudgement of so many
And the gullibility
The misinterpretations
And corporality

But they took it in the mind to do it
To climb into the sky
They tore their hands they bruised their toes
They knew deep down just why
They had to keep on going
Their whistle it was small
But the tune that they had in their hearts
Could awaken one and all

The pathological pursuit of profit
Was rumbling away
Like thunder in the heavens
A frightening display
From a distance the horizon
Seemed closer to the cause
There was no way of going back
And despite some applause

Gravity was shifting
Emptiness was here
An ocean of forgiveness
Was playing in our ear
Conduits were carrying
The messages to cope
Falling now was seemingly
Giving us some hope

But intellect and consciousness
Had shut down somewhat they
Were governed by the media
Who always got their way
Ganging up and spreading
Smoke screens everywhere
And the mystery of mirrors
And the reflections that they share

So many whistleblowers suffer
And they lament
They discover there are giants
And few are heaven sent
What is done with knowledge
Is not always how we think
And being single minded
Can take one to the brink

Resoluteness is a quality
A predetermination
To always remain unbending
Whatever the conflation
And this is where the courage
Becomes masterful and true
To never be disheartened
And to do what you must do

And these two men are angels
Spreading light where there was dark
There clearly is no compromise
And they have made their mark
The validity of realness
To be genuine and true
Undeniably honest
That quality brings you through

Thank you to all of you who found the light
And spread it through the darkness giving all of us hope

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