We are fucked

The world we came to know as Planet Earth
Pristine when we all first came here
But now remarkably
Eternity is a long way off
And actuality
Is hiding around the corner
Its authenticity

Really indistinguishable
Everything we had
All the pristine forests
And oceans are so bad
Torn down in a moment
For the bloody cooking oil
The oceans racked and ruined
And vast tracts of polluted soil

The sky above sprayed every day
With all the shit around
Controlling the weather
Its all falling on the ground
On our sweet school children
On the towns where we
Live and work and play and garden
Where we all now be

Die offs in their millions
Are coming daily they
Are urchins star fish whales and sardines
Masses now all pay
The piper who is that vile sod
The New world Order mob
Who are killing for the sake of it
Our precious lives they rob

Vaccinations mandatory
With mercury and more
Causing significant illnesses
And a rush of blood and gore
Everywhere the children
Are now falling like flies
The liars in high places
It seems we are their prize

In the Queule River in Chile
Unbelievable quantities of Sardines
Clearly free
Of life that had been given
And cherished in a way
Were cut off clearly just like that
Smothering the bay

Everywhere were dead fish
Millions of them gone
An end of time prophecy
The earth it seemed to don
Such a spectacular misery
Pollution could it be
The humble bumble the butterflies
And of course the honey bee

Everywhere there are corpses
Jellyfish and Squid
All this fracking nonsense
If only we could rid
Ourselves of all these grey suits
These profit puppets who
Are causing all this mayhem
On a street perhaps near you

Hiding in their bunkers
Underneath the earth are they
In their oxygenated cities
Which we all did pay
For out of our taxes
That these sods stole and used
And whilst we all were sleeping
The worlds being abused

However much we try to save
The creatures all about
The wild souls in our forests
They are shot there is no doubt
There are bastards out there in the midst
Canned hunting creeps who we
Should put an end to
Someone has to
Maybe it has to be

All these corporations
With their additives who sell
All those bloody awful drugs
Manufactured in Hell
They get into the water
They get into the sea
We are fucked there is no doubt
Its how its going to be

Die offs there are many
And more are coming, we
See them on the internet
Its awful actually
Man is never kind the word he uses
Isn’t right
He is the worst offender
And has the cruellest bite

Murdering the seals the dolphins
The whales and countless fish
Commercial pirates everywhere
Filling up your dish
With mercury laden radio active
Flesh from out of the sea
And so many bible bashing creeps
Eat it incessantly

Ethics animals rightists environmentalists
They are in the minority treated with the fists
Of tetra psycho policeman more puppets in a way
Doctored by the common purpose brainwashing some say
The world is out of kilter
Fukushima’s letting go
So much crap into the ocean
More than people know
The oil rigs and the fracking
And the coal dust theres so much
Pollution on this planet
With so many out of touch

The meat eaters are growing
The corporate providers too
The animals fed on so much shit
Its now what they do
Antibiotics to make them grow
Recombitant hormones they
Are being ingested by humans
And then pissed out every day

Animals are changing sex
Sperms are dying fast
Endocrine disrupters
Its one awful blast
Pouring into our rivers
Running off into our seas
Filling up our oceans
And poisoning the trees

Will we draw our pensions
Are we doomed to die
This great eugenics programme
Does it now defy
Everything we dreamed of
Is there nothing we can do
To save ourselves from hell on earth
Which has turned out to be true

2 comments on “We are fucked

  1. Claudia Ferri on said:

    Very strong Rex..
    And every bit of it true!!!!

  2. The truth is seldom talked about but. I feel all this in my bones I so sad for the minority power bases animals children women indigenous the environment and all its participants

    We have to stand up and be counted on all these things thanks for agreeing so few seem to have the balls.

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