lamb boys

The newness of our life force
Genuine juvenility
Infancy and babyhood
A fosterling in nursery
Whipper snappers love to play
Bounce about most of the day
Spring’s outcome energy bursting through
A primary cause for children who
Still are powerless in many ways
But weak and shy this growing phase
Of jollity of harmless fun
And playing really in the sun

A few short weeks and its their turn
The slaughterhouse it will concern
All of them but never you
The lamb boys know a thing or two
Poor wee souls their life anew
Doing what all babies do
Open eyes and hearts awake
Mothers milk yea still they take

The nutrition what it does
Is give the little ones a buzz
They leap about like coiled springs, they
Really do enjoy each day
The soft wet grass is underfoot
Up on the hill where they have been put
It gets cold when the wind does blow
But whilst there is frost there is seldom snow

Soon as they are beginning to see
The fresh green grass and the tall oak tree
Hear the bird song and realise
Life is wonderful for all the guys
Thats when the great truck comes to call
They are loaded on yea one and all
Trundles off to the abattoir
Those sliding doors what were they for
To keep us in once we were there
At the house they call
Lamb boys despair

Through the gates into a yard
Down some passageways running hard
Being bashed with a horrid stick
These labourers here are very thick
Why do they hit us we are small
We cannot run that fast at all
And where are we going why must we run
Inside a place what have we done

Around a corner a horrid smell
A lot of blood whats this pray tell
And lots of us hung upside down
Most not moving they now drown
In their own blood oh dearie me
Are we dying here actually
Pots of blood and awful bleats
I know that my own heart beats
But clearly not for long for they
Are going to kill us right away

Lets hope the death is as good as life
Lets hope the new place has much less strife
Where is mother?she isn’t here
Unless soon she will re-appear
They hit us more times and we try
To run ahead only to die
Hoisted up and they slit our throat
The agony Something to note
And out of me my fresh warm blood
On top of the man it all does flood
A little pain and my eyes shut tight
Its over its over its instant night

Idea from claudia

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