A playful bull

Unconcerned so aloof
To the crowd all around
Lethargically he
Came out of the pound
Preparing to see
The audience he
Was ready to play
Was ready to be

Looking around
Licking the floor
The pink capes were flapping
Whistles galore
The picador stabs
But the bull runs away
Clearly intent
More so on play

Out came the black harpoons
What they must do
Is make the bull angry
And excitable too
Three massive stabs
And he kicks and on his Way
Around the ring
As if running away

Five silks are out there
And one matador
Who sticks the poor pull
In fact needs he’s no more
He goes to the wall coughs
And then falls
Dead to the world
They broke all the rules

This is entertainment
For psycho’s and nuts
Watch as the playful Bull
His savaged guts
He came to play
And was murdered like that
Stabbed unto death
Just as he sat

It was all over
The Bull came to play
And they just murdered him
It was the way
Whole families entertained
By this blood bath
On a playful creature
Who took on their wrath

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