Dolphin speak

The absolute absurdity
The ineptitude of the keepers
And the fatuity
Of keeping wild cetaceans
In bath tubs
So that they
Can flip out on surfaces
So that those who come to pay
To see these beautiful earthlings
Can have more of a chance
To see them struggling
Close up
To share each frantic dance

Japan proves how hard hearted
It is and how they see
An extravagance with someone else’s life
Clearly they are unconscious
An idiocy of sorts
Cruelty apparently does not enter
Their thoughts

And so we see these soulful beings
Let down everyday
Disillusioned by the arrogance
Crestfallen in a way
Lost souls in a maelstrom
In a Japanese horror tale
Designed to pack the morons in
But with compassion they all fail

Their mindset is impenetrable
They seem to misconstrue
Every piece of wisdom
That most of us now do
Know about the Dolphins
Their want in fact to be
Wild and surfing azure waves
Together in the sea

Living in a bath tub
Is very obviously wrong
Clearly its uncaring
Its not where they belong
We all can feel their drama
As they splash about the floor
Cheered on by the audience
Who thoroughly ignore

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