Sale of elephants to C hina

Ivory orphans or just such unfortunates
elephant babies now sold
Zimbabwe is selling whats left of its soul
For a portion of that Chinese gold

Around £40,000 pounds for each baby
That is the going rate they
Get clearly blood money thats what I say
And the elephants babies will pay

The ankus or bull hook is being used
Despite their tough hides we all know
A smack in the face, is a smack in the face
And their problems can now only grow

Africa is land of the elephant tribes
Not china indigenously
There are no elephants roaming the wilds
But soon they are going to see

elephants raised for the circus and zoos
Wild ones contained in some shed
The Chinese are taking the mickey for sure
And sadly some will end up dead

From the last batch seven out of eight
Have already perished oh dear
The zoo wasn’t ready and in quarantine
The poor little souls died of fear

And honestly they are just babies
Torn from their families its wrong
Zimbabwe its judgement is clearly so poor
Elephants really belong

In Africa and with their families
Not in some far away zoo
Stared at by people and fed god knows what
Its a crime really what they now do

Animals really what chance do they have
They are just slaves to a cause
Shipped off like cargo to live far away
And nobody really does pause

The money looks good in the new bank account
As the elephants are shipped away
Everyones happy except the poor ele’s
On a slow boat to China some say

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