It looks to be alive so lets eat it syndrome

Its their lewdness
An aversion
For a life form
That should be
Not in somebody’s
Rice bowl
But living in the sea

To have realised that shoyu
With its sodium content would
Excite the nerves of the octopi
And that apparently that was good
For the movements were impulses
And the scientific spiel
Factoring into a culinary dish
Which then becomes the meal

To what appears a living soul
That actually is dead
But its all about
Getting it moving
That is what they said
These diners are a pitiless breed
Merciless and sick
Remorseless and impassive
And altogether thick

For they crave the living octopus
So much so that they use
The sodium in the shoyu
As some sort of a ruse
That it is just a novelty
Such disrespect of life
Of being a sentient being
To be dealt with with a knife

Dissected and put back together
And impulsed to move again
So sicko’s could be turned on
By the apparent pain
Its absolutely in bad taste
And it cuts me to the core
That seeing the dead soul moving
Would make them eat it more

And defending such behaviour
With science goodness me
They are really wicked
Such a dish we must not see
And we certainly shouldn’t support them
I understand the principle
But don’t lose the plot will you
Those diners a lewd bunch
And their karma does accrue

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