how now brown cow

In their streets clothes
The family arrive
Children and women
Can that Brown Steer survive
There are hooks everywhere
And a black and white floor
Looks strangely MASONIC
So whats it all for

The children are hoisted
On top of the soul
Who is weeping a bit
And losing control
Drooling a lot
Eyes rolling around
Each child sits down on him
His heart it does pound

He knows why he is there
The gantry above
Its a kosher place
A temple of love
But not the love most of us
Want to accept
Roped up and slaughtered
By the inept

We hear about kosher
Ceremonial stuff
Its all very grim
And I have seen enough
Abusing an animal
Waiting to die
Is wrong on all counts
And look into his eye

Pink rolling this way
And that way he takes
In the last seconds
Before his will breaks
A knife thrashes forward
His throats torn across
A loathing I feel it
They don!t give a toss

This soul wants to live
Wants to feel the sunshine
But is doomed to feel agony
Right down the line
He coughs and he splutters
He screams out aloud
His detestation
He was so proud

But their execration
On this docile beast
Their caustic behaviour
He seen as their feast
So hurtful so resentful
Ungenerous too
Hard bitten and grim faced
What can he do

But give up the fight
As his air waves are blocked
Choking on blood
And mucus so shocked
But the advent of death
Kosher its true
Blessed by the Rabbi
Who knows its all true

He fights for his footing
Sliding in his blood
The slash is so huge
Of course it does flood
Onto his feet
He cannot stand sure
And bumps to the ground
He can stand no more

These men how they sicken me
No pity shown
Where is humanity
Here not home grown
Relentless remorseless
Unpitying sods
Best pray to your gods

For karma is out there
Your sad disrespect
Leading to abuse
I would eject
You all from that slaughterhouse
Uncaring slaves
For you will be punished
And no god now saves

Those who demolish the freedoms
Of souls
Those who at death
Are tortured those roles
Laid down by the masters
On butchers they must
End up a writhing in
What is disgust

And the vibes
Were just awful
So matter of fact
One minute with the family
As they did enact
The drama the slaughter
The evil the woe
Then the children went off
Just part of the show

As to that animal
How it did feel
The threat and the menace
It was clearly real
The end of its life
A ritual of sorts
And all of this drama
Locked up in its thoughts

Purely and simply

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