Virunga national Park in the Congo

Machete’s out and cutting through
A mass of vegetation there
Really tangled and overgrown
Like serpents coils just everywhere

Its really dense
But you kind of sense
The wildness that is here
A half an hour into the bush
And who is that sitting near

A great big face
A massive nose
A bright red tongue
It kind of throws
The party off
For this silverback
Is just there
And will it attack

It stares
Its great eyes
Beaming out
At the men who clearly
Are now in doubt
What should they do
Should they stay
Of turn around and run away

They cannot run
The jungle ties
The creepers together
Before their eyes
These souls are there
Wild people they
As black as night
And not far Way

“Don’t be scared”
One says aloud
Lets walk backwards
He looks proud
A massive face
A silver back
Ready to receive
The flack

Expletives rise
They are clearly shocked
Fearful of him
He has rocked
And is curious of the
Assorted men
Who are ready to run
But they don’t know when

He senses their fear
In his dark repose
He hears their nervousness
Which clearly grows
The cameras rolling
They are hopeful they
Can get some pictures
And run away

His family is with him
Docile they be
Carrying on
Just normality
For them
In this wild place
Ever so green
They can feel their affection
And where they have been

He moves much closer
He wants to be
Almost touching
How can that be
They are a group of simple men
And he is wild
Will someone say when

To run or stay
What is the best
They walk backwards
Trying now to jest
But clearly nervous
Clearly afraid
You can sense his power
And how its laid

They are marching backwards
And he moves too
Catching their boots
On the tendrils
They turn around and run like hell
Or just move slowly
But move well

Again the gorilla
Is in their face
Competing with them
At their pace
And then he is gone
Just disappeared
That big boy who they
Had feared
was gone
Just greenery they could see
But they felt his curiosity

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