The immature seem to know so much

Having parents that are qualified
To assess all situations
Living in the wilderness
Will see some altercations
Packs of wolves and buffalo
The carnivores delight
Provided there is instinctive knowledge
All will end alright

But headstrong youth can ruin
The hunting for the day
It can also cause much injury
And delay upon the way
Its as well to know one’s place
To realise how ever much
You think you know
You cannot know
Until you are in touch

Reality the chase is on
The buffalo they run
Having to carve a path through snow
That not even the sun
Could manage really tires one
And the weaker buffalo
May be broken quickly and fall
As well we know

Animals have advantages
To human children who
Are not as tuned as the animal
And thus are clueless to
The dangers and the errors
They can make, and that surely harm
Immediately or later on
When all is not as calm

The apex wolf will identify
And chase and leap and kill
The younger soul will chase and chase
And still be chasing till
Both are spent but danger
Lurks at every turn
And attacking from the front
Can hurt and cause lasting concern

The young wolf gets a trouncing
The buffalo treads him down
Injures him bloodies his face
A lesson that could drown
Out his new exuberance
And could harm his future plan
Slow down his ability
To live and hunt near man

The alpha male though on his own
Brings down the mighty foe
It takes a power away from him
But the nutrition it will flow
The blood this animal manifests
And the muscle he displays
When taken on by the wolf boy
Will suggest a wondrous phase

The pack will not go hungry
They trust the alpha male
There is experience and great strength
And hence a happier tale
Youth should be content with study
In the masters shadow he
Will learn a lot and gain a lot
And you could gain from me

The old man lived before the age of digital
He was
Living when the world was rough
And is around still, he was tough
He took on many adversaries and won through
In the end
And remembered how he had done that
And how he could defend

Himself and all around him
His mind was full on power
Purpose made and active
Working every hour
At thinking through the solutions
Of long ago and how
He could create a perspective
For living in the now

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