Dead Nugent

All above board
A legal hunt
All the meat
Used no stunt
Not from me
So he explains
The locals love him
And his veins

Are full of blood
Like that poor lion
Shot and slaughtered
Down the line

The bold hunter
He has become
Its a shame his
Truthfully very numb

To reality and wild life where
Hunting drives me to despair
These selfish self denials here
Is probably based around some fear

A total betrayal
Of natures worth
It was never the reason
Mothers gave birth

So some stale actor
Or singer or who
Can load his rifle
And just shoot through

A beautiful handsome
Jungle king
It means so much
And does bring

Majesty to his station here
But has lost his life
Ripped apart
And clear

The locals participated well
Sent this lovely boy to hell
Ended a life that was good and true
Just what Nugent likes to do

Kill and slaughter everyday
And shout his mouth off come what may
Ego ego ego true
That is what the mouth can do

And tell us all the locals ate
The best of Lion
And all seemed set
On more and more
Of the tasty meat
Guaranteed to bring on the heat

A carnivore creates much heat
In Africa not the meat to eat
A few hearts will give out this day
And a few more will be made to pay

As for Nugent what I know
Already he has killed too much
Its show
Show time really a bragging sod
Who needs to get closer to his god

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