Canada goose use trapped coyote fur as trim

They say they are experts
And where it is cold
Faux fur is useless
Despite being sold
Its purely a fashion
Statement they say
And something they
Will not be using
No way

Coyote works
The trappers they use
All are conservationists
They do not abuse
The animals at all
But clearly they do
These leg hold traps
Are so cruel
Its true
And its not only coyote
That gets caught and dies
Deer birds and dogs and cats
And its on the rise

Trappers don’t record
The numbers that die
But well over a half of them
Bleed out and why
Indiscriminate slaughter
It happens its sad
Its terrible torture
Its terribly bad

According to them
Coyotes now are
Highly abundant
And certainly scar
The livestock of farmers
The wild ones again
Suffer the vagaries
And all the pain

And Canada Goose
Takes an arrogant stand
Blames the cold weather
That it does understand
The ways of Nature
And real fur must be
The chosen fur that they use

They celebrate trapping
And hunting to kill
They are proud of their status
To combat the chill
Only animal fur does the job
So to say
Despite animal rights
The coyote must pay

And so we see animals locked
In those traps
Suffering so and we see chaps
Shoot them a number of times
And watch them die
In a great heap of savagery
Under our sky

For days they have laid there
Trying to get
Dragging their broken legs
Somebody’s pet
Cat or pet dog tortured like this
So you can wear a parka
And just feel the bliss

Of walking in Canada
With real fur trim
Whilst so many wild souls
Are pushed to the rim
Tortured and bleeding and screaming away
So that rich sodding arse oles can have a warm day

Wake up Canadians
Go to the path
Away from the torture
And terrible wrath
We inflict on our wild friends
Suffering so
So that these low life trappers
Can kill in the snow

Can earn their sad dollars
In the killing fields
Trapping and shooting
Raising the yields
Significantly for Canada Goose
Pays them all to be on the ball
Which is a ruse

Its death and destruction
Of wild life once more
They suffer greatly
And I abhor
The arrogance shown here
And how some rich sods
Are prepared to profit
From fooling the gods

The cries of the vanquished
Suffering so
Tortured to death
So many on show
Its the most awful death
Breaking families apart
For our sodding comfort
And their broken heart

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