The hunter and his gun

A shotgun or a scatter gun
Shooting different sized lead balls
Greatly increases the weapons potential
And goes against some rules
Close up they are effective
But of course further away
The pattern may not all hit the target
And then some other might pay

One lead shot in unsuspecting stomach
Can and mean slow death
It completely buggers up the organs
And curtails one’s breath
The brain shuts down like crazy
Lead is a toxic source
Hunters using shot shells
Really are a force

That all of us should reckon on
For they are spreading lead around
And eating birds shot
Can be a risk
Thats what has been found

They talk up conservation
Its what hunters do
Forgetting how they are spreading
Toxic substances for you
And millions of birds are dying
All around this place
Hunters are an anathema
And really a Disgrace

2 comments on “The hunter and his gun

  1. Claudia on said:

    Great. Get the word out re lead.. Brill

  2. Its the single thing that is causing me to think they are a bunch of idiots when its comes to wildlife, conservation and the publics health
    They are arrogant and protected by ignorance

    We have to keep on keeping on

    Denmark banned lead in hunting in 1999 butblike idiots we sletbour farmers and hunters and anyone with a shot gun license use them Nd possibly abuse us in the process

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