Saving the animals
That was the idea
Buying in babies
And letting them be
In fairly good sized fenced off areas
Not spaying or neutering
As you can see

Packed in they are white lions
And Leopards, jaguars
All sorts of big cats we see
Traded from circus and zoo’s
This cat saviour
However his ego is apparently

As big as the cats he is trying to rescue
From one zoo to this zoo thats if you ask me
This is so far away from wilding really
These cats are not really in sanctuary

The concept is different
And petting from starlets
And others is petting its making them feel
Less wild in fact and we see their reaction
Its all about cameras its not really real

Sanctuaries mimic the wild places actually
Not introducing the human for they
Are generally cruel to these creatures
We know that
Its happened to their parents
They had to pay

And these are the tragedies waiting to happen
Rescued they have been, but rescue for me
Is clearly a capture its very unnatural
And isn’t where babies should ever be
May be he started off with big ideas
But fast its becoming a place where some tears
Are falling like storms in the night and we see
These babies alone drenched in a weird travesty

This is not a zoo as such nor a circus
Its more of canned hunting farm let me say
Run on the lines its supposedly ethical
But to me far from ethical in its true way

Where are the animals going to end up
Trusting the humans who no doubt may kill
Being the bait for the bloody canned hunters
Out there their blood someone will spill

The lions and the tigers the leopards the panthers
All being killed at the drop of a hat
Splitting from their mothers sisters brothers
And Quite a few people on here smell the rat

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