Humility thats all we needed really

Forests full of every conceivable medicine, animals
Reptiles, birds
The great lungs of the planet
Remember all these words

The precious trees that harbour
So much thats good around
Aged beings lost in time
Giants from the ground

They wallow in the litter
And search into the sky
Forming a rich canopy
Where Orangutan ‘s can fly

Below their spreading branches
Forest elephants roam
And distinct and wondrous species
And I could write a tome

About this glorious shadowy soul
The forest is its place
A wanderer Of high regard
We should be on their case

The planet is now being
Attacked by evilness
Directed at the forest kingdoms
Under extreme stress

And this elephant is in trouble
For its habitat is lost
Tree after tree is coming down
At an enormous cost

In 20 years at best
The forest elephant will go
Will be the last one left I think
And will gradually walk so slow

And sink into the swamp of life
The last soul to be seen
Man the robotic ass hole
Can say he once had been

The Rhino this great pachyderm
Its hide as thick as steel
In India they are dying fast
In Africa the zeal

Of the Chinese black market
In TCM stuff goes
Fast into equilibrium
As everybody knows

The Jaguar they are suffering
Their skins are valued by
The rich and bloody infamous
Who care not that they die

Also caught up in forest clearance
For the shit palm oil
That how western corporates
Profit from by native toil

Lemurs little bug eyed souls
Victims of the trees the slash and burn
Come on your turn
Brought soon to their knees

The Bonobo’s sexually orientated
Free love is their thing
But trees and forests they love best
They have no need for bling

Everyone loves everyone
In their community
So they might live a little longer
Without their favourite tree

Bears the grizzly variety
Gregarious as hell
Habitat loss is killing
But they so adapt well

They like to savour humans
So may drag on a while
Bears are pretty cagey
And live their lives in style

Tigers the striped pussy
Is not getting its own way
Again the forest cover is cut down
So they say

Certain tigers have already lapsed
Gone extinct as more
Will be going crazy
On the forest floor

Pangolins and China
The traditional medicine mob
Use their delicate hairy scales
This creature they do rob

And thousands of them get it
Every single day
To cure the total idiots
From Canton to Bombay

The albatross the wonder bird
A great wingspan to boot
Can fly in fact forever
And it knows the route

It never needs a sat nav
And of course never gets lost
But fishing nets and seine nets
Have really truly cost

the wild dog is a victim too
Packs of them all sick
Distemper from the pet dog trail
Kind of starts to pick

The numbers and the wild boys
Are suffering like mad
Endangered is their status
Which truthfully is sad

The animals are dying
Exploited everyone
Thats the be and end all
Underneath the sun

A lot is down to palm oil
Though logging is a pain
The corporates make their killing
Which I view with much disdain

They are willing to make their sacrifice
For the balance sheet and more
For their profit base
Not the human race
Us they just ignore

A run down of the book
The annihilation of Nature
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