Fluoride’s far from a truthful stance
The realness isn’t there
Its nothing to do
With dental carries
The fidelity is where
Not on this sweet earth of ours
Where nothing is guaranteed
Including the bloody water
And where all this does lead

There is complete insanity
From the higher ups who feel
Getting to grips with the people
Now has to be real
Cutting down the numbers
Of people on this earth
A great mind set was needed
Something that was worth

A great deal for the ruling classes
And medication was
A way to affect the population
Really just because
There were too many people
And an excuse was found
Say it reduced dental caries
Something that might astound
Most of us who live here
That we agree to be medicated
Daily for the children’s sake
And we
Think it is a good idea
But reality proves the case
It gets to grips with the records
And the human race

Autism of course raises its head
And other syndromes too regarded as recreational
Really pushing on through
A daily dose of toxin a neurotoxin tries
From the smoke stacks of great industries
Captured from the skies
Side effects are many
As people come to be
Lost in this transfusion
For all eternity

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