Amputee’s and the rest

The butcher surgeons every farm has got one
No training no compassion nor empathy
A human robot with a pair of rusty pliers
Grabs a piglets bollocks and pulls them free
Snips the piglets tails yes hear them weeping
The evil of the meat trade lets you see
Just how wicked really they all are
And the suffering reaches adversity

No one cares that the pain is so so evident
And nobody is around to offer care
No veterinary to the administer pain killers
Our system truly is so damned unfair
its keeping the costs down and raising the margin
The meat trade are an ugly bunch of slobs
We have to join the people going vegan
Who use their pens their computers and their gobs

Untrained these ignorant labourers turned surgeons
Butchery on live babies what they do
Is mutilate and amputate without any regret
Karmically they really run their soul urge into debt
But they don’t care the pittance their bosses pay them they
Are prepared to do the dirty work any time of day
The squeals they just bore through you
Listen to those squeals
These are men with families
One wonders how it feels
To know your dad is a butcher of babies in a shed
Or your lover is a butcher of babies yes instead
Of the guy you have called gentle
He is a vile and wicked sod
Mutilating babies for his corporate god

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