We must learn to study the wonders of Nature

The intricacy of simple things
Is a mind blowing event
Before we destroy our planet
We must try to cement

Some honest understanding
Of the complexity of life
Take the mussel for example
Even with a knife

it is hard
To prise them off of rocks
Which they have made their place
The adhesive they are using
Is really a good case

There must be many trillions
But this adhesive should
Be understood and broken down
For really now it could

Be very very useful
A hard surface and salt
Lots of slimy bacteria
And no application fault

It works it really does work
With the aid of bissel thread
That are made regularly by the mussels
From proteins which are fed

Rapidly onto rocks
And create that special bond
If only we could copy that
Material that frond

That gives the extra adhesion
Without a toxic state
Which goes to show that science
Lags behind at quite a rate

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