Kosher and halal slaughter

Animal earthlings slaughtering
Halal or kosher they
Are cheaper by comparison
But the animals have to pay

A real cost its their agony
Its more pronounced you see
To Have their throats cut
Whilst they are conscious
They struggle frantically

they know what we are doing
And they don’t want to die
We force them into a killing mode
In a shackle and its a lie

To imagine it is humane
Its anything but that
The middle eastern people.
Don’t know where they are at

They talk about religion
And forget the bloody pain
The fear of being murdered
It is just insane
To imagine we can do this
And the animals do not care
Their eyeballs tell us everything
Its their abject despair

Hokkaido use to slaughtering dolphins
Is going to start on cows
Those females are going to pay the price
Halal meat it towers

Over any other
For its going to Dubai
japan has got some contracts
And thats the reason why

Of course there is opposition
Mainly from vegans who
Hate to see this agony
Hate what corporates do

The cows do not surrender
They want to get away
They struggle like the dickens
As slaughter men do slay

You can see them fully conscious
Breathing hard and they
Try to moo with their windpipes cut
The adversity is way

Higher than you would imagine
They bleed and froth and cry
For them its a catastrophe
As they slowly die

The Japanese want contracts
The arabs want them too
Kobe Beef and Japanese beef
Is first class and thats true

So establishing halal slaughter methods
Will see them in good light
And despite the pain and suffering
Everything’s al’right

Its pitiless behaviour
Its harshness and its wrong
Enforcing such a method
It doesn’t belong

In this day and age not really
Its medieval crap
Its abandoning all principles
Its an ordeal its a trap

Their suffering is awful
10 minutes to die
The wretchedness the prostration
Don’t let the bastards lie

And there us no relief whatever
Until death comes along
There is no consolation
Its just all fucking wrong

The arabs and jews have money
So they lay down the law
The cow well they are females
They become the gore

The claustrophobic empire
The trepidation they
Feel its unimagined
And that is why they pay

Its nauseous and disgusting
And its inflexible too
Revolting and abhorrent
But its what the people do

The loathing and the hostility
Its rancorous all through
And we can see them struggling
Really its not new

As their death is fast approaching
Tails wagging and tears flow
Shaking kicking on the chains
Disembowelled and so
Alive up to that point my dears
I do I feel their chill
Watching these great females
And yet they are not still

For religious purposes
It just makes me see
That religion has no place in my life
I just cannot

To those of you who eat the flesh
Of cows and sheep please try
And imagine what it was like for them
As they were forced to die

How you can actually eat them
All that fear held meat
The detestation that I feel
The moo the scream the bleat

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