Chemical trails

Its happening everywhere
Up in the skies
The UK the USA and Europe
The wise
Geo engineers
In the pay of the fools
The grey suits
Who treat us
And make all the rules

We are as bugs on a great human plain
We are sprayed with their toxins
Again and again
Cadmium viruses metals galore
Its over the rich and its over
The poor
All of us guinea pigs
In our own frame
They fuck up the climate
But won’t take the blame
Cancer and aids not as bad
Now you know
As arrogance and ignorance
Which tends to blow
Down on us clearly
We suffer we do
All over the world
The grey suits accrue
They pump down experiments often denied
When asked every one of
The bastards have lied
Using these methods
To spray us each day
They are now driving our blue
Skies away
Those madcap pilots know what they do
Its like dropping a bomb
And then flying through
All sorts of shit from their aerosols sprays
Are falling down on us
Hence the malaise

2 comments on “Chemical trails

  1. Claudia Ferri on said:


  2. So many never look up never question the obvious are numb to it all

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