Toxic material in food

A Harukichi Onazuka tells it like it is
The government of Japan are using inadequate
Regulations to
Measure what is right or wrong or safe or dangerous
What they do
Is falling behind in testing of cetaceans from the sea
Hiding it from the public this level of mercury

We talk of methyl mercury this is very serious stuff
Any amount is dangerous and the people eat enough
Some of the dolphins tested are hugely toxic, they
Should never be offered for sale not ever
To make their people pay

As they are with so much dolphin porpoise
And yes whale
It Is causing a health issue and a very dangerous trail
Of likely sick and dying people
The worst is Dolphin meat its even worse than Tuna
So its certainly not a treat

But the public do not know this no regulation states
Some thought it was likely whats now on their plates
Is 16 times what its assumed to be
Safe, imagine that
they slaughter Dolphins in Taiji
Then proceed to eat their fat

Loaded with methyl mercury and PCB’s as well
This isn’t food to be eaten
its the devils food from Hell

These fishermen these aggressive cultural idiots in fact
Are poisoning their own people and when told this they react
Aggressively imagining we care about them, we
Care about the pods of dolphins murdered in Taiji

That is why we protest if the Japanese cant see
This terror and this evil then the dreaded mercury
Will take them out much faster the Dalls porpoise too
These are full of contaminants and to make your people chew

On them is highly irresponsible
They have to now be told
Leave the dolphins well alone
The meat should not be sold

As for capturing dolphins and shipping them abroad
This is bloody evil and meets with poor accord
They are wild and selling them exorbitantly is cruelty
And abuse
And Japan should wash it hands of this
For its a blatant ruse

What of course is going to happen
In the not too distant time
Minamata will come back
And the victims dying will climb
Then of course the government
Will be massively under fire
For not safe guarding their public
From what will be awful ire

At the moment they are in denial
Caught up in this loss of face
This western idology
Seen as a disgrace
For they are eating animals
Killed behind high walls
But that is not the problem
Its that they don’t have enough rules

To protect their avid believers
The public don’t get told
And in the case of toxins
Nothing should be sold
There can be no true profits
When toxic foods on sale
But the public are unaware of it
Some time soon its going to fail

Japan you have to raise the bar
Protect your people who
Are beaten down it appears to me
By the likes of you
But it makes no sense to poison them
It makes no sense at all
They are hardworking people
Its you who must go to school

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