To the seal pup crushing laggards

To the seal pup crushing bastards
Paid a pittance for their crime
Beating the life out of infants
Well before their time
Canada and Namibia governments should be
Frightened for those allowing this
One day they will see

A giant seal god coming
At about the time their breath
Is leaving them, till then
The wrath of thunder wills their death
Crushed under a great bull seal
Their innards curdle fast
The agony is so awesome
That it is going to last

10 lifetimes, and to suffer this
For the pittance you have earned
Is coming back to haunt you
For if only you had learned
To stop killing baby animals
On the ice flows and the sand
And Remember as you laid them out
If you had begun to understand

That your life would be over
And your other lives as well
As you take your job collecting shit
In the shit houses of HELL
The vilest course of living
To be your just reward
Which everyone on earth
That knew you
Says we can afford

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