The indonesian bear

3 men are being questioned
Over the face book post
The killing and the skinning
Of a bear one of the most
Vulnerable of species
Due to loss of habitat
And they believed its was prudent
To show where they were at

Who on earth would be happy
For any bear to die
And be skinned and put on face book
Really now just why
Do these blackguards do this sort of thing
Its a really lack of conscious decision
That does bring
The wrath of animal rights
Down on them their arrogance will cost
Animals have a right to life
And if life has been lost
And there is no good reason
Then the perpetrators must
Get justice for their improbity
For of course it does disgust

The remains tossed into the forest
The evidence destroyed
But they posted it on face book
Their ignorance employed
Lets hope they get the prison time
As warning to the rest
Every life is a miracle
Let this case be the test

Scorpion wildlife trade monitoring group
Stood up as they should
Reported it and made damn sure
That everybody could
See to it that these three men
Would actually serve some time
Despite all their excuses
About boar traps down the line

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