Safety when sleeping

Its very clear that the baboons know
The importance of sleep and how they show
Their courage and expertise getting to where
Safety is evident which all can share
They climb not up trees but rocks that are sheer
The whole troop attempts it though the climb generates fear
It is true their strong fingers and feet help them well
But climbing a flat and smooth rock face is hell

Its of paramount interest when sleeping to see
Wherever that is predation can’t be
Around you for if thats the case then you might
Close your eyes once but then not see the light
So whole packs go climbing up sheer faces too
Mothers with babies and children all do
What seems the impossible unroped they go
Extreme rock climbing all part of their flow

In the morning the trek back equally hard
But they must come back down a little more scarred
To drink and to eat and to do what they do
And each night look for a safe place thats new
But they cant climb in darkness their eyesight is poor
So it has to be done controlled by natural law
Its instinctive behaviour and works very well
And its power to their elbow that few would have fell

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