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Arrested more than once

Arrested and let go Arrested and let go The voiceless Roar bark howl and grunt We are the spokespeople If we were not Who would be having the punt Africa watches as animals die Canned hunting trophies On those rely … Continue reading

Drive hunters hiding their faces

In the fallout of cecil and palmer and crew The drive hunting arses were being pushed through These safari companies out on the net Were picking up low life and seemingly set On killing the animals as fast as they … Continue reading

There but for fortune. Syria

Once you had a home to go to You had a garden you had a place A purpose you had little And now its gone without a trace It might have been a room a house A mansion who can … Continue reading

Skinned buffalo head fiend

What a dreadful imposition What virulence what canker What a hornets nest of sinfulness What a really gruesome anchor Two majestic buffalo Taken from this world By what passes for a human Who somehow just got hurled Into the world … Continue reading

Bindhu and Lindsay

Such silence such sensation Imbued with revelation A consciousness creation A drop of melting snow It attracts the suns devotion It becomes a healing potion From the shores of Southern India Joins to become a flow Bindhu her eyes so … Continue reading


The gauntlets thrown down Into the dust A provocative act Its all Cut and thrust Whose calling whose bluff The great matador Seen by so many He is one to adore Clad in his satins His purple and pink Pique … Continue reading

Dolphins in full flight

High energy Pure synergy With earth and sky And ocean too To cause them chaos And such fear It shows you what these bastards Do I make absolutely no excuse For using words like this Watching them is a miracle … Continue reading

Circus ban it with animals

Funny it isn’t Cameron Its Rosindell,Davies and Chope 3 tory blokes Whose clowning jokes Really they don’t have a hope Its all for the good of the circus An antiquated old show That puts cruelty up on pedestal As most … Continue reading

Bruce Ciz (Debunking Taiji Japan Dolphin Slaughtering)

Dedication for Bruce Viz a new friend who has let me join his pod tonight The vulnerable mammals that swim By Taiji Who share their charmed life Its where they have to be The massive Pacific A realm in the … Continue reading

Are we free?

Are we free Who says we are Democracy Who plays the star Do you my friend Or is it me Or is it them Those we can’t see What right have we Our heavy toil We babble do we And … Continue reading

Autumn Equinox middle of the harvest

The sun is moving southwards Day and night will be Of equal length a chance to dream A chance to really see The darkness so much earlier Its a great big balancing act That Nature does for all of us … Continue reading

Why do we love one but not the other

That was the question though the answers are many Missing the point will there be any Its all dependant on where you are As to what you eat near or far Tradition culture habit we See all sorts and we … Continue reading

Some saw it as an opportunity to make a killing

The arrogance of the canned hunt team And the ignorance of those Who come in fact to support them And this phenomena grows Its of course self perpetuating Wherever money is made And the animals are wasted For into their … Continue reading

What we do to babies and justify it with profit

Any commercial enterprise that operates in this way Should be consigned to hell itself For theres no way it should pay To murder little babies. To rape to kidnap, they Are little babies after all How can that be a … Continue reading

Our “lily”

chartreuse a green A sweet refrain A softness Falling with the rain An impulse A perception, she And so much serendipity lily is a revelation That the best of eyes can see An oracle a seer A notion Thats so … Continue reading

Wind over the chilterns

Tonight as the autumnal curtains were drawn A seasonal wind drew its wrath Gusty and squally and blusterous Well what felt like frost in its path The darkness swept in with such fury September was rushing us by I left … Continue reading

Saved and then killed

A very unfortunate incident took place It seems to me From reading through the mail’s report And the case on line I see That a farm that houses a lot of horses And dogs was found to be Not looking … Continue reading

The Palmer conversion

Before and after Set your sight On Walter Palmer At his height Slinking around a national park And luring an icon in the dark With a poor dead elephant Thats how low this nasty bit of work did go Now … Continue reading

Auction Houses

For me the real difficulty here Is that animals seem to be The whipping boys for human trash That so often we see In auction houses for example Holding stock to sell So why do we see cruelty Why the … Continue reading


With these wings How I can fly Together with you through the sky Feel your breath your energy Share your eyes As you share me Fly together synchronise Through the desert Realise Shadows on the sunlit scape Mountain ranges changing … Continue reading


Hopelessness and despondency A tsunami of woe This comfortless situation That by the day does grow The grey suits have as much To do with all of this for they Misjudged the war in Iraq And all of us now … Continue reading

The little Risso

Yesterday in Taiji One of the Dolphins cried Fought his way under the floats But of course yea was denied Any hope of being saved In front of Ric O barry Who wanted to leap into the water And somehow … Continue reading

Birthday killing

A wrongness is apparent A misguidance I would say A terrible misjudgement Upon a child’s birthday An unconsciousness in An untaught state A party on a lair Ensconced high on a platform Their hot breath in the air A 9 … Continue reading

Human trash

For millions of years the turtles have known Costa Rica’s the place that you can call your own The beach or refuge there has moist warm deep sand And its safe to nest there that they understand So recently of … Continue reading

Alexandria in Egypt a cow a female a story of agony

I have no time for butchers I have no time for those Milk drinkers and With muffled ears And eyes of course that pose A problem being closed all day For females everywhere Thats cows they are the females Their … Continue reading

Angel(Ernesto Chaves)

I look at that man And what do I see An angel just an angel As good as can be Loving all strays Those most would pass by The truest the kindest Which i say, with a sigh All seeing … Continue reading

Farming and CONservation

To disrespect another earthlings life on earth, to me Is irreverent and insulting to be arrogant like thee Is frightening in this day and age to desecrate their name By your total lack of conscience and refusal to take blame … Continue reading

African horns

You don’t have to be such a genius To look into the eyes of this beast A rhinoceros and tell me its ancient When so many this year are deceased Chopped down and heads hacked to pieces For The so … Continue reading

The Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit

This group of 24 rangers Most women do Stand fast against the poachers The very ugly crew A really wicked bunch of low life After a fast buck The animals they target Their reasoning does suck! Tragically Often going east … Continue reading

“Patches” it happened in Rupert in Idaho

Ritualistic violence of a young horse Set the news In Idaho it happened Some might just refuse To believe this degree of Evil Could exit around where we Live and play and die But it did and we did see … Continue reading