Monthly Archives: September 2015

Beautiful lady

Beautiful Lady Clearly serenity Followed you everywhere Utter sincerity Those eyes profoundly Picture a place A heart full of warmth And I see some white lace Did it cling to your body Or was it some gloves Did you walk … Continue reading

Cows and TB

We cull the poor old Badgers We make out they are the cause They are wild and nobody owns them So the government wouldn’t pause Farmers take advantage of the cows Just everyday They are cruel to them They don’t … Continue reading

What a father you turned out to be

Psychotic in nature Ill-omened such fear Craven of heart An abjectness thats clear To talk to a toddler Of lets kill a giraffe Its about his self glory And just wholly naff A swaggering braggart Arrogance and Brainwashing babies Who … Continue reading


It does take dedication To go to the embassy A whole day from the schedule To just be there and to see The super pod and others Getting into gear Giving them some welly Soaking up the atmosphere Paint slapped … Continue reading

16/10 taiji. Japanese embassy 101/4 Piccadilly

There’s ric hands in pockets Up against the wire Its a restricted area The sanctuary is higher Up the killing echelons Where men with knives do go And stick one on you If you climb the fence And steal their … Continue reading

Kabu the elephant

The wailing and the agony And the need of it to be Kept inside her body All that adversity Not to broadcast agony Not to scream aloud But keep it bottled up inside And remain somewhat proud Kabu she was … Continue reading

Anoraks and collars

Their fur is used for collars On anoraks which is why Low life trappers come around And the innocent souls then die Caught in cowardly crushing traps And left to pass away Of blood loss or starvation Thats an awful … Continue reading

Wolves and Macedonia

Trophy hunting fanatics can Pick up wolves it seems In Macedonia that is close It answers the dreams Of torturers and murderers Who want three days of Hell £1000 and your passport And your guaranteed as well They bait at … Continue reading


Imagine you are out on a row boat On your own With just your thoughts And there before you Such a vision An ocean seemingly of quartz The moon has come to bathe Itself in the saltiness and light In … Continue reading

A dog killed at home for the pot in Viet Nam

It was done in the home The children in tow Watching it happen 3 men on show A dog they are tying its jaws up And they Hold it up by its neck Just making it pay And look into … Continue reading