Enchorro is dead

How did he die
A spear in his gut
Who threw the spear
Clearly a nut
A Masaai of course
It points to that fact
But may be it wasn’t
How to react

With tears thats the first thing
This precious bull dies
Was he in musth one of the guys
Who thinks that an engine
Is another bull
Is that what happened
Did somebody pull

A fast one hopeful
The Maasai would be blamed
A spear in the abdomen
Who would have claimed
Such a vile happening
Really, who can say
Unless it was filmed
Only Enchorro will pay

To see a vast beast
Laying dead on the ground
Named after a place
In Kenya the sound
Of him crashing to earth
Would have frightened us all
We must think of him now
One once so tall

Elephants clearly are iconic souls
Their ivory tusks mean
They are often the goals
Vast sums of money change hands
At a glance
This clearly didn’t happen by chance
Was he assailed
To be later attacked
To have his ivory tusks
Possibly hacked
But before that happened
Was found who knows
The fact is he is dead
And the death rate it grows

Lets give thanks for his life
And hopefully they
Will soon be in a position
To find out why today
He perished like on the end of a spear
Who was it who did it
Will we ever hear

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