Stigma of artificiality a poem inspired by Duncan Burn

Waste at home is one thing
But waste on the farm amounts
To a massive loss of profit
Which honestly now counts
It has completely changed the market place
All over the world
And its down to “outgrades”
Where the supermarkets hurled

Their arrogant specifications
Designer foods so they
Could centralize and standardize
Us all along the way
The change over was not exactly subtle
It was a policy overnight
But I think it changed perception
It got a fair reception
But not from little farmers they put up a fight

Nature is diverse it truly has to be
Everyone of us is different, we
Along with everything that grows on earth today
We each have our uniqueness its the key
But that is not the present day philosophy
Its corporate led and profits are the thing
Unless there is uniformity unless there is regularity
The constancy of packaging won’t bring

The output into what is mass production
The characterless and monotonous ideal
From size to taste to weight its all consuming
But in reality it isn’t real
Its lost its true identity its biodynamic quality
Its irregular in true terms its constant through and through
It has affected all of us the way we see our vegetables
And has killed off the small farmer which is what they wanted to

Its all about the bottom line the margin and the profit
As prophets became hard to find sameness took a hold
Conformity was paramount a mass assimilation
Uncontrasting uninformed that was what we were sold
The waste was for the farmer it was either dug back in the field
Or fed to the livestock to help safeguard some yield
That waste might have accounted for at least thirty per cent
And people were starving in this world imagine the message that sent

The move away from naturalness to peeling and washed and seeded
Processing reduced the life force as many of you know
So waste became another problem this time in the household
Which only meant the family budget really had to grow
And people lost the ability the knowledge and the reasoning
They all were being brainwashed into thinking it was right
The yin and yang was mumbo jumbo consigned to another time
And so progress continued on its long and boring flight

Small farmers lost their foothold but we seem to work with cycles
Gradually they started to come back in different ways
The organic the biodynamic the veganic did appear
Variable was possible diversity was acceptable
Nutrition was important unconformable was here
That movement brought much more unprocessed food up to our door
All shapes and sizes big and tiny nothing was a sin
The yin and yang was back again and some enjoyed the ride
And wasting very little felt really good inside

Others were told why waste your time processing your food
When we can do that for you effective but so crude
Vegetable waste rose steadily as people lost the plot
Outer leaves and tougher skins were more likely to rot
They never realised the power of the supermarket clan
And of the corporate take over, the takeover of man
Genetically modified food was born to do away with waste
To raise the margins skyward who cares about the taste
There are so many add ons with the processes ahead
Life force is equivocal and we are being led

Down a rocky path to so much waste we cannot see
So it pays to buy organic or biodynamically
And eat it all the outer leaves chew it well and feel
That life force, and that true taste for honestly its real
And we then gain so very much our skin our bodies through
And everything we buy we eat that is Duncan’s view
And all that growing energy is reflected in the way
You will feel so much better and stronger by the day

And the naturalness of your being will be reflected by
The way you are,the way you feel, you will not have to try
Things will just come natural, your thinking,you will know
That you are more unique as your knowledge base does grow
Your individuality will return and you will be
Using both sides of your brain and just feeling free

Work out ways to reduce waste eat it all and see
How much cheaper good food is the processed crap can be
Left on the supermarket shelves thats a message loud and clear
It may save the planet save it do you hear

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