Miss pain

Dear Miss Pain
Has come back again
Into my life, for she
Has that truly amazing way
Of taking over me
Pulsing, sore and tender
Biting and severe
All the pathos in my heart
Comes back to hold my fear

Dear Miss Pain
She never left me
So much of her, I see
The cruellest kind of euphoria
With such serenity
I cannot lay
I cannot sit
I cannot even think a bit
Enduring you
Is what I do
Dear Miss Pain So good and true

Big Pharma has its big guns blazing
Pressure building pressure raising
Knock out drops to scorch my brain
And make a victim of Miss Pain
Send her to oblivion where
She will wait quietly to share
Me again when it all works through
Thats when she comes back to do
Her crazy stuff with me and so
Tonight she doesn’t have to go
i will feel her everywhere
Tired though very much aware

I will enjoy her I wont stress
Its an ordeal I must confess
And could be such a tale of woe
But then tonight she will not go
She will be with me and help me to
Get through it all and not construe
The element of vital pain
Showing me her love again

Being lonely and in pain
Is a kind of trap for the insane
The wretchedness of human kind
Who catch an animal just to find
A way to steal its valued skin
So to share that feeling it will spin
Out for me into a way
Of getting through this
Turning day
To night to day to night and on
To so regret when she has gone

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